Enhanced surgical imaging workflow for university hospitals

Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden has chosen to deploy our NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform in 31 operating rooms. The solution will allow this leading teaching hospital to manage video-based workflows inside and outside the OR to auditoriums and lecture rooms, to support its medical teaching and training.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • The hospital needed an integrated solution for their operating rooms, to improve efficiency of its surgical imaging workflow
  • It had a requirement to capture, store, and distribute multiple image sources for post-operative review and training

The Solution

  • Our NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform deployed in 31 newly constructed operating rooms
  • The video-over-IP platform uses the hospital’s own network to connect ORs to other locations, auditoriums, and lecture rooms for content sharing

The Outcome

  • Surgical staff can now use the NUCLeUS easy touch interface to route content from sources like endoscopes to any screen within the OR and across the campus
  • Content can also be live-streamed to lecture theaters or recorded for post-operative review and training

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The NUCLeUS offering from Sony provided the best fit for our needs. We're also excited to be working with a company like Sony, whose proven focus on innovation is a great fit with our own future plans.

- Karolinska University Hospital

NUCLeUS chosen as best fit for large deployment

Sweden’s second largest hospital system, Karolinska University Hospital has 1,340 beds and treats 1.58 million patients per year across two sites in Huddinge and Solna.

To improve the efficiency of its surgical imaging workflow across the extensive site, Karolinska University Hospital chose our NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform, which it judged was the best fit for its needs. The NUCLeUS system is being installed in 31 operating rooms in a newly constructed surgical center on the hospital campus in Huddinge, Stockholm. We are also supplying a range of other equipment to Karolinska University in collaboration with local partner and integration specialist Vingmed.

Karolinska University Hospital

NUCLeUS: A scalable, vendor-neutral and open platform

Developed in consultation with leading surgeons, NUCLeUS guides clinical staff through the planning, recording, and sharing of video images and other patient-related data in the operating room, across the hospital campus, and beyond.

The system’s highly scalable, open architecture and vendor-neutral approach also allows the integration of new applications to enhance the power and flexibility of NUCLeUS in the future.

Supporting OR workflow as well as teaching and training requirements

The NUCLeUS system’s intuitive touchscreen allows surgical staff to capture live video, still images, and other digital content from any source and route images to screens in the operating room or elsewhere on the hospital campus for various purposes, e.g., remote advisory through telestration.

Digital content from endoscopes, surgical microscopes, room cameras and other sources within the OR can also be recorded simultaneously for post-operative review and training purposes. Recorded content can also be associated with other patient records and stored centrally for secure access from anywhere over hospital-wide IP networks.