Imaging Solutions for Surgical Documentation

A dependable, lasting record of surgical images

Surgeons in operating room perform a procedure with Sony medical recorder

Record and print surgical images with exceptional quality

Capture high-resolution surgical video and still images with our reliable, easy-to-use medical recorders. Stored images can be shared via external media or a networked server for documentation of patient records, post-operative consultation, training, and education. Complementing our video recorders, our compact medical-grade printers are a cost-effective solution for creating highly durable photo-quality prints to accompany patient records.

Medical printers UP-27MD, UP-DR80MD, and UP-D25MD and medical recorders HVO-4000MT & HVO-3300MT are shown

Dependable, flexible, high-quality recording

Our compact, easy-to-use medical video recorders capture Full HD or 4K video and still image from any connected surgical video source, including endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and surgical microscopes. They’re designed for smooth integration with today’s hospital imaging workflows, complementing exceptional image quality and flexible recording options with intuitive operation.

Surgeon points at Sony screen with surgical image with Sony medical recorder operating below

High-quality recording capabilities

The recorder’s high-capacity hard drive is ideal for documenting lengthy surgical procedures. Video can be also stored simultaneously on external media such as a USB drive or networked server for easy sharing and extra protection against data loss. Selected models can record in 4k and downscale to Full HD. For even greater flexibility, our 3D recorders can create and simultaneously record a 3D and 2D version of signals from a 3D image source.

Easy operation

The intuitive interface of our medical video recorders allows simple operation by clinicians in an operating room, consulting suite, or training room. HVO-4000MT and HVO-3300MT models can also be operated via an optional touch panel that allows quick access to recordings and simplifies entry of patient data.

Surgeons in operating room work with Sony medical recorder and optional touch panel

High-quality medical prints that last

Our medical printers are ideal for documenting surgical procedures. Advanced print technology ensures long-lasting, high image quality with high resolution and accurate color reproduction.

Sony medical printer UP-27MD is shown with high-quality prints

Prints with precise color and detail

Our high-performance color medical printers use advanced dye sublimation technology, offering consultants and doctors a dependable record of surgical procedures with accurate colors and fine detail. Innovative Sony printing technology produces rapid delivery of high-quality prints in seconds.

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Durable, long-lasting print media

As well as assuring superior image quality, Sony laminated print media provides a unique protective coating for each print that offers excellent resistance to light, heat, water, and fingerprints.

Sony's UP-DR80MD printer with color print media is shown

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Doctors observe together a strip of high-quality color print media

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