Cost effective 4k upscaling enhances surgical imaging

Sony’s 4k medical displays feature advanced upscaling technology that increases resolution close to native 4k quality.

What are the benefits of upscaling HD images to 4K?

4K images have four times the pixel count of Full HD, allowing the surgeon to see finer detail in video from a surgical source such as an endoscopic or laparoscopic camera. All Sony 4K medical monitors—like the LMD-X2705MD—feature advanced upscaling technology that boosts the effective resolution of Full HD or Standard Definition sources close to native 4K quality. As well as getting the best out of today’s HD camera sources, our upscaling monitors are ready for your hospital’s eventual upgrade to an end-to-end 4K surgical imaging workflow.

Sony medical display shows the change from HDR to 4k in two endoscopic images
Two grids show the difference between 1080 Full HD and upscale to 4k with the staircase effect

How does 4K upscaling work?

Video upscaling creates extra information that’s missing from the original image to increase its resolution. Traditional approaches can be quite crude, adding extra pixels to “fill the blanks.” This often results in on-screen images that look blurred or blocky, especially with diagonals that look like a jagged staircase rather than a smooth line. At Sony we take a more sophisticated approach. Rather than just looking at one pixel in isolation, the powerful algorithms in our 4K upscaling surgical displays assess each pixel’s relationship with its neighbors. We also compare pixels between successive video frames to see how parts of an image are changing over time.

What's unique about Sony 4K upscaling?

Drawing on our vast experience of professional video production for movies and television, our unique image database catalogs thousands of different elements—like details, edges, and textures—of how real pictures should look. Using this information, powerful upscaling algorithms upconvert HD or SD input signals to pin-sharp images that are close to native 4K quality, minus the “jaggies” and blurring common to other upscaling methods, such as Line Doubler and Interpolating.

Diagrams and example images show the difference between upscaling line doubler, upscaling interpolating and upscaling SONY 4k monitor.
Surgeon checks an upscaled image on a sony 4K monitor

See more detail with our 4K upscaling surgical displays

Our slim, easy-to-use medical-grade medical monitors with 4K upscaling give OR staff a clear, natural view of images from a wide range of hospital imaging modalities.

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