Smart imaging for OR

Improve the workflow of your OR

Run operating rooms with smarter image management

A better imaging workflow

Record, access, and share images with ease. Our NUCLeUS™ imaging management solution helps surgical teams easily capture still images and 4K/HD/3D video, then send or live stream them across the hospital network. NUCLeUS can integrate with HIS and EMR systems too, for fast and easy access to both imagery and patient data.

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Efficient image management

Capturing, viewing, editing, and sharing clinical images is fast and simple. Surgical teams and clinicians can easily share content for consultation—live or during post-operative discussion. Integration with HIS and EMR systems makes it easy to securely add videos to patient records. Or pull patient data into the OR from across the network, to improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes.

Scalable and adaptable

Thanks to its modular design, NUCLeUS can grow alongside your needs. Because it uses IP network connections, expanding into more surgical environments or adding new imaging devices is simple. Reduce complicated cabling and bulky equipment, and roll out system updates quickly and efficiently. NUCLeUS works with virtually any image source, from any vendor, allowing you to choose the exact devices you need.

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Connected and cost-effective

Built to work with your existing networks, NUCLeUS can run over copper or fiber cables. Operating rooms can be upgraded without re-cabling, renovation or construction work, meaning these new capabilities can fit around—and enhance—your current infrastructure. Staff can also manage multiple image sources and destinations inside the OR, securely, without spending time configuring equipment.

Secure collaboration

All content broadcast from the OR is encrypted, keeping patient images and data safe. Users can only access this content once they’ve been authorized, and only on the hospital network. Once access is granted, your team has secure access to all the content and information they need, whenever they need it.

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