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Directors of Photography Interviewed

Xavier Dolléans, AFC

An interview at Camerimage 2021 about prestigious TV drama Germinal.

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José Luis Alcaine, AEC

An interview at Camerimage 2021 about Parallel Mothers and VENICE 2.

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Rob McLachlan, ASC, CSC

An interview at Camerimage 2021 about VENICE 2 shoot.

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World's first VENICE 2 shoot

On set with Rob Hardy, BSC for Venezia.

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Annette shot on VENICE

Exclusive interview with DoP Caroline Champetier, AF

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Capturing the drama of dementia for The Father

DoP Ben Smithard, BSC reveals why he chose VENICE.

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Next-generation cinematography cameras with phenomenal color science, user-friendly operation, and a choice of 8K and 6K full-frame sensors. Dual Base ISO and 8-step internal ND filter system provide exceptional shooting flexibility.

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VENICE Family products


VENICE with CBK-3610XS Extension Kit on remote-control dolly

Staying Safe On Set

VENICE Remote Operation Cinematography.

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VENICE with CBK-3610XS Extension Kit with cameraman

VENICE Extension System

Introduction and sample builds.

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Operator in post-production suite

VENICE Workflow Benefits

Now updated with new ART format.

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