Virtual production

Create virtual production sets for filmmaking without limits

Real-world cinematography meets virtual world-building

Give cinematographers and directors the space to create new worlds and explore their vision. Blend real sets and props with virtual backdrops to create without limitations. Allow creators to create more freely.

Revealed at IBC 2023, our latest advances in virtual production include a new Crystal LED display series called VERONA with industry-leading deep black levels, 1,500 cd/m2 high brightness and more. We are also integrating our new BURANO 8K CineAlta camera and demonstrating our proven Virtual Set Workflow solution for Live Multicam.  Discover our latest advances and partnerships advancing the state-of-the-art.

A virtual partnership for cinematic excellence

Our VENICE and BURANO cinema cameras, VERONA Crystal LED panels and Virtual Production Tool Set work in harmony for limitless productions. Synchronize our cinema camera sensors with our Crystal LED panels, as part of a complete virtual production system. Then enjoy natural, lifelike cinematography.

The Ultimate Guide to Working with Virtual Sets

Find out how you could create incredible virtual production sets for any film. Discover how our VENICE cinema camera and Crystal LED panels work in perfect harmony for the highest possible image quality.
Crystal LED for Virtual Production brochure

Total freedom for cinematic creativity

Let directors shoot stunning locations, or create new ones, then explore them with total control. Give actors stunningly detailed surroundings to react to. Help the art departments create the perfect balance of virtual backdrops, props and real-life sceneries. Always shoot in exactly the right weather and light conditions, whatever the time of day – and record multiple takes in a row.

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Sony, Plateau Virtuel and Studios de France reveal the inside story of Europe’s first Crystal LED virtual studio. A state-of-the-art 90m² screen offers world-leading image quality for premium film, commercial and TV production.

Save production budget for creative work

Productions can save time and money and reduce their carbon footprint. There’s no need for crew and gear to travel to locations abroad. The weather is no longer a factor in shoot planning, helping to avoid schedule disruptions. With more captured in-camera, post-production budgets are controlled too. And it’s easy to switch between any number of locations in minutes.

View Comparison of GHG Emissions for On-Location and Virtual Productions [209 Kb, PDF]

Icons showing savings for CO2, Money and Time

The ultimate cameras for virtual cinematography

Capture remarkable colors and exquisite detail in real-world and virtual shooting. Choose between our VENICE and BURANO cameras for up to 8K recording and 16-bit colors that perfectly match the color space of our Crystal LED panels. High speed sensors provide a phenomenal 16 or 15+ stops of latitude, while helping to capture natural tones in any lighting conditions.

VENICE 2 Cameras with 6K and 8K sensors

Full-frame flexibility

Full-frame icon

Wide color gamut

Wide color gamut icon

High-speed readout

Speed dial icon

Perfect your films before you arrive on set

Our Virtual Production Tool Set is a unique solution to solve current pain points in virtual production and support the quality of In-Camera VFX.  The Camera and Display Plugin for Unreal Engine lets you design the picture you need for your VENICE-powered virtual production, then save these settings in our Virtual VENICE for Unreal Engine. It includes a Moiré Alert feature for Pre-Visualization and On-Set shooting that can detect moiré patterns that can not be seen by the naked eye. The Color Calibrator tool ensures that the colors you visualize before shoot day match the colors that will appear in your dailies.

Download the Virtual Production Tool Set >

Virtual Production set in operation

Transfer Settings

Icon for Transfer Settings

Moiré Alert

Icon for Moiré Alert

Color Matching

Icon for Color Matching

Virtual VENICE

Icon for Virtual VENICE

Displays designed for virtual production

Our Crystal LED panels offer exceptional colors, resolution and HDR capability. Specifically developed for virtual production, our new generation VERONA offers an extremely high display brightness of 1,500 cd/m2* complemented by accurate color reproduction of over 97%* of the DCI-P3 color space. An incredible pixel density delivering a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio – far superior to conventional LED array systems. Anti-reflection coating avoids unwanted glare from lights or props, while energy efficient panel technology allows for silent, fan-less operation. *TBD

PCL Crystal LED Virtual production Studio with camera and car.

Key technologies to display bright and rich color imagery in any environment

Industry-leading black levels and anti-reflection surface

Anti-reflection coating icon

High brightness:
1,500 cd/m2*

Brightness icon

Wide color gamut:
> 97%* coverage of DCI-P3

Wide Gamut icon

Power efficient:
Up to 30%* less than conventional LED

Power Icon

A refined package, built to work in harmony

Choose a complete solution, built for cinematic excellence. Combine VENICE/VENICE 2 and Crystal LED panels with our controllers, frames, software and UI to create a full virtual system. Easily integrate essential third-party components you need into your solution. Then capture smooth, natural tones and lifelike details, using a package designed in partnerships with world-class cinematographers and technical partners.

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Interested in learning how a Virtual Production stage could enhance your studio?

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Discover our market-leading, hands-on cinematography training classes at our Digital Media Production Center in Los Angeles.

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