Nagasaki Broadcasting Company saves on space and personnel with Sony PTZ cameras

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The Challenge

  • Nagasaki Broadcasting Company wished to use compact, open studio space for delivery of more lively, engaging news bulletins
  • Wanted to leverage automation and remote technologies for simplified operation with reduced staffing requirements
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The Solution

  • Two Sony PTZ remote cameras integrated in teleprompters on the studio floor; plus a third camera deployable elsewhere in building
  • Small, light cameras ideal for automated operation in limited studio space
  • Quick, easy camera preset position recall from news automation system
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The Outcome

  • High quality news production achieved in compact studio space with fewer production staff needed on news floor
  • Additional tripod-mounted camera gives extra production flexibility, allowing bulletins to be presented from any floor of the building with simple cabling and remote operation

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Re-thinking news production

While preparing to move its news production facilities into new premises, Nagasaki Broadcasting Company developed the concept of an ‘open’ studio on the main news floor. As well as enabling the creation of a dynamic, lively feel for presenters and viewing audiences, this gave NBC the opportunity to maximize the use of relatively limited floor space in the broadcaster’s new headquarters.

By adopting Sony’s studio automation system together with three BRC-H800 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) remotely controlled cameras, the Japanese broadcaster has been able to realize a space-saving, labor-saving news studio.

TV studio editing room
Mounted BRC-H800 Sony camera integrated in teleprompters

Remote operation saves space and staffing needs

A primary consideration for Nagasaki Broadcasting Company’s choice of PTZ remote camera was assurance that their chosen model would deliver adequate image quality for news production. The solution proposed by Sony employs two BRC-H800 cameras integrated in teleprompters covering a news presenter in the relatively compact studio. This saves space compared with their previous use of a full-size studio camera mounted on a large tripod. With the studio used mainly for everyday news programs, it’s highly practical using the remote cameras under control of the broadcaster’s automated news system – with no need for camera operators to be physically present in the studio.

Presenting from anywhere

A third tripod-mounted BRC-H800 can be taken outside the studio when needed. With LAN network cable connections and coaxial terminals located on every floor of the building, the portable camera can easily be used wherever it’s needed – for example in the entrance lobby or on the roof balcony. This allows a single presenter to report from other areas of the building, with a PTZ camera controlled remotely from the studio area.

Close-up shot of BRC-H800 on a tripod