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Reliable, consistently accurate professional video monitors for on-set, editing, color grading, OB, studio, and Live Production. In Full HD, 4K or HDR. Our Professional Monitors ensure that you’re always seeing the true picture – on location or in the studio.

Every Sony monitor brings you images in Full HD or 4K with accuracy, consistency, stability, control and reliability that are light years ahead of ordinary IT displays.

Watch the video and find out what inspired Sony’s engineers to develop our latest LMD Series Professional Monitors.

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The picture's clear

Our Professional Monitors are designed with a clear vision – to help professional content creators work more efficiently and realize maximum returns on any production budget. Don’t take any chances. With Sony you’ll benefit from the latest image display and picture processing technologies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and consistency in every session.

For every application

Sony draws on decades of broadcast and Live Production expertise to create a range of Professional Monitors suited to every application – from everyday use to the most quality-critical projects. From in-the-field shooting to studio-based production, editing, graphics, and color grading, we’ve got the perfect monitor to suit every environment that demands images you can trust.

True colors

Our Professional Monitors are designed with a clear vision – to help professional content creators work more efficiently and realize maximum returns on any production budget. Don’t take any chances. With Sony you’ll benefit from the latest image display and picture processing technologies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and consistency in every session.

Wider color gamut

Color gamut chart for BVM-X300 V2.0

A more serious view

Domestic television sets are even worse for monitoring. They’re made to entertain in your living room, with vividly saturated colors that totally change the look of your image.

Pick a Professional Monitor – like our affordably priced LMD Series – and you’ll see a serious jump in performance with dynamic range, gradation, white balance, viewing angle, black level reproduction and picture consistency that’s light years ahead.

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You're in control

You don’t need extra distractions when you’re working under pressure.

Most IT monitors leave essential functions buried deep in complex menu structures. With Sony professional displays it’s a different story. Direct access to key functions is via dedicated buttons – so it’s quick and easy to adjust contrast, brightness, chroma, white balance, audio volume or input selections.

Looks familiar

On set or in the studio, you’ll save time and effort with valuable features like auto white adjustment and one-button calibration.

There’s a reassuring family resemblance between controls and functionality on every Sony Professional Monitor – from our versatile entry-level LMD Series to the flagship BVM Reference Series.

Additionally, a common and accurate 10-bit display engine is used from the entry-level LMD-B Series to the premium PVM-A Series to enhance picture quality and maintain picture consistency all through the picture monitors range reinforcing your confidence in what you see on screen.

So you don’t need to worry about disrupting your workflow, or spending precious time re-training busy production personnel.

Monitors for HDR production

Once your audiences have experienced High Dynamic Range (HDR), there’s no looking back. HDR brings viewers closer to reality, with a viewer range of brightness levels from sparkling highlights to deep, intense blacks, plus an extended color gamut.

Combined with the higher resolution of 4K Ultra HD, production in HDR evaluated with our Professional Monitors ensures your creativity always stands out in today’s competitive marketplace — and tomorrow’s.

Accuracy of brightness

Accuracy of brightness and saturation is carefully controlled by the Sony designed 12-bit engine for OLED, which is commonly used in the BVM Series and the PVM-X550.

The ultimate reference

Take a step closer to perfection with the BVM-X300 V2 30-inch 4K OLED monitor. It’s engineered to support the most demanding grading and QC applications, offering compatibility with the latest BT.2100 standards for HDR including PQ and HLG.

Optimized large screen

The PVM-X550 55-inch OLED monitor is the ideal size to provide a clear view of grading noise and HDR impression, giving very close color matching to the reference BVM-X300, which is also comparable in size to today’s consumer TV sets. The unique quad view display mode ensures individual settings of EOTF, color gamut on each quadrant in HDR.

Small monitor, big performance

Offering Full HD resolution, the compact BVM-E171 16.5-inch OLED monitor is easily upgraded to HDR capability with an optical license. Great for SR Live HDR workflows and cinematography applications, it’s equally at home in an OB vehicle and on-set.

Supporting the standard

HDR-compatible Professional Monitors from Sony offer versatile support for a wide range of input formats, including the latest picture standards. Whether your content’s destined for cinema, TV broadcast or 4K streaming services, you can review High Dynamic Range images with absolute confidence that you’re seeing a true picture clearly.

Model nameOptional SW/HW requiredFormatS-Log3 (HDR)ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG)SMPTE ST 2084 (HDR)
PVM-X550-4K (Display only QFHD)/HDYesYesYes

Wide dynamic range

The exceptionally wide dynamic range of Sony’s TRIMASTER EL OLED display technology boosts production efficiency, revealing the uncompromising HDR imaging performance of today’s finest cameras. See colors rendered faithfully over their entire tonal range, plus accurate reproduction of bright highlights and deep shadow detail that ordinary monitors miss. You’ll be rewarded with truer-looking content, fewer retakes and smoother workflow.

Truer, more lifelike color

Accurately reproducing dark color shades is a challenge for any monitor. Whether you’re working with CG, grading or mastering content for digital cinema, TRIMASTER EL™ OLED technology assures beautifully consistent reproduction of the subtlest tones and shades over the entire luminance range — a challenge that leaves other monitors washed out.

For freelancers

If you’re an experienced freelancer – or if you’re starting out in video production – picking the right monitor’s every bit as important as your choice of camera.

So don’t compromise with an ordinary IT display: it isn’t designed to reproduce the subtleties of broadcast-quality moving images.

Our entry-level LMD Series monitors take the guesswork out of assessing images in the studio or edit suite. You’ll enjoy impressive accuracy and stability that are hallmarks of every Sony Professional Monitor. You’ll also value rock-solid reliability and intuitive controls with no-fuss menu operation.


Simply superior

The fully featured LMD-B170 and LMD-B240 make great choices for quality-conscious freelancers, offering everything you need at a very accessible price.

View the LMD-B170 17″ Full HD monitor >

View the LMD-B240 24″ Full HD monitor >

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For studio production and post

Can you trust your monitor when it matters? Found in our PVM and range-topping BVM Reference Series monitors, Sony’s acclaimed TRIMASTER EL™ technology consistently outperforms other OLED displays.

You’ll appreciate unrivaled black reproduction, very high contrast and dynamic range, wide color space, smooth gradation, quick response, accurate gamma and industry-leading viewing angles.

From editing to color grading, compositing and VFX, our Professional Monitors help you evaluate images with outstanding uniformity, consistency and stability.


Grand master

When you and your clients demand nothing but the absolute best, the acclaimed BVM-X300 OLED master monitor is the ultimate choice for critical color grading and quality control applications. Optimized for High Dynamic Range (HDR) production, it’s painstakingly designed and engineered to handle the most exacting QC demands in today’s 4K production workflows – and tomorrow’s.

View the BVM-X300 4K TRIMASTER EL™ OLED master monitor >

For Live Production and OB

There are few more unforgiving environments than Live Production, where there’s no margin for error and no second chances. Drawing on decades of imaging experience, every Sony Professional Monitor is designed and engineered to perform flawlessly under pressure. Our slim, compact, energy-efficient monitors deliver impeccable pictures in Full HD or 4K – in the field or within the confines of an Outside Broadcast vehicle. Powerful features like auto calibration keep you right on top of the game. And thanks to a familiar, consistent user interface, personnel can spend more time focusing on the creative qualities of every project.

Find your perfect monitor

Explore the full range of Sony 4K and Full HD Professional Monitors for every application. Browse by display screen size and resolution. Compare technologies like HDR, OLED and LCD to discover the monitor that’s just right for you.

Choose your monitor

4K TRIMASTER HX™ Professional Master Monitor

Ideal for demanding on-set, studio, and post-production applications including 4K digital cinematography.

BVM-HX310 >

4K TRIMASTER EL™ OLED picture monitor

Large screen size providing highly accurate and consistent immersive viewing experience, with HDR support.

55 in PVM-X550 >

4K TRIMASTER EL™ OLED master monitor

Ultimate picture accuracy, consistency and stability for absolute creative confidence, supporting HDR workflow.

30 in BVM-X300 V2.0 >

TRIMASTER EL™ OLED Full HD reference monitor

Exceptional uniformity, consistency, and color accuracy and stability for high-end broadcast and cinematography applications. With the BVML-HE171 monitoring license the BVM-E171 now supports HDR workflow.

17 in BVM-E171 >

TRIMASTER EL™ OLED Full HD reference monitor

Exceptional uniformity, consistency and color accuracy and stability for high-end broadcast and cinematography applications.

25 in BVM-E251 >

TRIMASTER EL™ OLED Full HD picture monitor

Superior picture quality in a light compact chassis for a wide range of demanding broadcast and cinematography applications.

17-inch PVM-A170 v2.0 >

25-inch PVM-A250 v2.0 >

High-Grade LCD Full HD picture monitor

Very high picture quality and affordability in a light compact chassis for a wide range of demanding broadcast and cinematography applications.

17-inch LMD-A170 v2.0 >

22-inch LMD-A220 v2.0 >

24-inch LMD-A240 v2.0 >

Versatile LCD Full HD picture monitor

Picture quality, accuracy, consistency and reliability you’d expect from a Professional Monitor, at an accessible price.

17 in LMD-B170 >

24 in LMD-B240 >

Entry-level desktop video monitors

Widescreen LCD monitor specifically designed to provide a reference video monitoring solution for entry-level video applications.

21 in LMD-2110W >

High-Grade LCD Full HD picture monitor

Compact, portable monitor with excellent picture quality, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

9 in LMD-941W >

BKM-17R — the ideal partner for Sony monitors.

Maximize productivity, performance and scalability by selecting the highly versatile BKM-17R Monitor Control Unit. It is capable of controlling up to 32 monitors at once.

View the BKM-17R >

View all monitors Accessories >

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