HDR-to-SDR conversion license for PVM-X2400/X1800


The PVML-HSX1 is an HDR-to-SDR conversion license for Sony PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800 TRIMASTER high-grade picture monitors. It allows the PVM-X2400/X1800 to support HDR-to-SDR conversion when used in live production environments.
The HDR-to-SDR conversion feature is activated via the USB port on the front control panel of the PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800.
After purchasing the PVML-HSX1 license, users will receive an activation (install) key from the Upgrade and License Management Suite: then download and save the license to USB memory. To activate HDR-to-SDR conversion, insert into the USB port of the PVM-X2400/PVM-X1800.

NB: PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800 monitors must be updated to V2.0.


HDR-to-SDR conversion support*
The optional PVML-HSX1 HDR-to-SDR conversion license** enables the HDR-to-SDR conversion function of Sony PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800 TRIMASTER high-grade picture monitors (with V2.0 update) for use in a live production system.
The license activates 4K-to-HD downconversion; color space conversion from ITU-R BT.2020 to ITU-R BT.709; and OETF conversion from HDR EOTF S-Log3 (HDR), ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG), SMPTE ST 2084 to SDR EOTF 2.4.
It also allows output of converted pictures to another 4K or HD monitor from the Enhanced Monitor Output that supports 12G or 3G-SDI, even though an original 4K source is quad-link 3G-SDI. This function can be used at a remote site that can only be fed a HDR signal.

*PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800 monitors must first be updated to V2.0.
**PVML-HSX1 HDR-SDR conversion license available separately. Monitor must be updated to V2.0 first. HDR-to-SDR conversion is activated via the USB port on the front control unit.