HEVC 4K/HD remote production unit with ultra low latency, low bit rate, and high picture quality.

CBK-RPU7 product image from the side.
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Enhance Your Live Production With HEVC 4K/HD Remote Production

Acting as a portable 5G* video transmission device attached to the camera, the CBK-RPU7 achieves wireless and remote production, which enables flexible and robust content creation. Leverage high-speed connectivity (such as 5G*) through Networked Live, Sony’s ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners, helping you take full advantage of your resources in high-quality mission critical live production. 

*For details of 5G usage, please kindly consult a local sales company. 5G devices (e.g. A 5G mobile device) are needed for 5G transmission.

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CBK-RPU7 System Diagram

Diagram displaying the live production distribution process of CBK-RPU7

Operate Efficiently with 5G* Connectivity

With 5G* becoming more widespread across the world, the ability to transmit larger volumes of data with low latency and stability is becoming easier. Using the available bandwidth in the most efficient manner is critical to high-quality live production. In conjunction with 5G* connectivity, the CBK-RPU7 enables a streamlined workflow for connecting remote teams to studios and live production environments by using NXL-ME80 as a receiver.

*For details of 5G usage, please kindly consult a local sales company. 5G devices (e.g. A 5G mobile phone) are needed for 5G transmission.

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Experience Best-in-class Picture Quality and Low Latency

Using Sony’s developed codec chip, the compromise between live streaming quality and latency becomes a thing of the past. This enables wireless cameras to have similar performance to wired cameras. With increased deployment flexibility, combining the CBK-RPU7 with the latest Sony cameras allows the highest quality productions to be created regardless of location.

The CBK-RPU7 supports a wide range of formats, from HD to 4K 60p/50p 10-bit HDR transmission, which enables pairing with a wide range of cameras for the highest tier of live production. In addition to supporting sports production, it also accommodates DCI 4K, 24p. This makes it suitable for cinema and virtual production remote monitoring.

Streamline Your Remote Live Operation

The CBK-RPU7 not only supports the latest innovations in HEVC encoding, but also offers a range of features to ensure efficient operations while operators are in remote locations. The bi-direction connectivity enables industry-standard features like tally and return video, and also include data links for remote camera shading.*

* Return / Tally / Remote control will be future supported

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General Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D)
105.3 mm x 134.9 mm x 74.9 mm without projection
4 1/4 x 5 3/8 x 3 inches without projection
Power Requirements
DC 11 V to 17 V
Power Consumption
Operating Temperature
0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Storage Temperature
–20 °C to +60 °C (–4 °F to +140 °F)
Continuous Operating Time
SDI 1, SDI 4 BNC, 12G/6G/3G (Level-A) /1.5G IN/OUT
SDI 2, SDI 3 BNC, 3G (Level-A) /1.5G IN/OUT
1.3 inch, 128 x 128 pixels
Other function
RJ45 (x1)
Remote *2
USB 3.0 TypeA 1.5 A (x3)
XLR-type 4-pin, male
Supplied Accessories
Supplied Accessories
Rod Bracket (1)
Camera Mount Bracket (1)
Shoulder Case (1)
Cable Strap (1)
Before using this unit (1)
Operating Instructions (1)
Hex Screws (4)
SDI Output is not supported on software version 1.0
Remote control function is not supported on software version 1.0