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CNA-2 camera control network adapter

Monitor, configure and control your Sony system cameras anywhere with Network. Get your live camera systems ready for remote and distributed production, connecting multiple units to take on the most ambitious multi-camera projects. Run productions from any connected site you choose and make the most of your system cameras.

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Monitoring and configuring your camera systems

Easily monitor and manage your system cameras across a multi-camera, multi-site live production. Our dashboard gives you a clear overview, making it simple to configure and control Sony. Take advantage of clear visualizations and bring together your device logs.

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Secure, web-based access

Enhance the security of your system through authentication and seamless integration with Web API.

Install the Web API license, HZC-GWCN2, in CNA-2 to establish a robust and secure connection. Regardless of your team’s location, our secure Web API empowers it to manage format settings, camera painting and RCP assignments, and previews seamlessly across your distributed production environment.

Flexible and scalable for every production

Deploy a CNA-2 at each of your sites then manage your camera systems centrally. Connect multiple units and enjoy integrated system management across your operation, wherever your operators and controllers are working.

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Web-Based Camera Control Application

CNA-2 features an optional web-based camera control application that can be installed with HZC-RCPCN2 (WEB-RCP) and HZC-MSUCN2 (WEB-MSU). With WEB-RCP, it facilitates simple operations, making it suitable for the HXC series. Up to 12 cameras can be operated online, not only on Windows PC but also on Mac iOS and tablets. WEB-MSU provides richer and more flexible operation, ideal for HDC series operations.

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Clear, compact control

With its compact size, CNA-2 can display IP addresses and version/license information on its electronic paper display. Meanwhile, the web UI visualizes grouping functions and settings for SR-Live and Networked Live.

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Protocol converter

Translate Sony’s 700PTP protocol to and from Simple Protocol for work with third-party devices. This function also means the CNA-2 makes it possible to translate 700PTP to and from the CCA cable to control devices.

Device log aggregation and visualization

Collect and consolidate log data from your devices, with clear visualizations.

Diagram explaining the utilization of CNA-2 with TLS and SNMP

Configuration data

Handle configuration data for your distributed devices and enable federated control for flexible, efficient productions.

Diagram displaying CNA-2 connectivity with OB Van and live production facilities.

A gateway to third-party devices

Combine your Sony camera systems with third-party devices thanks to our secure web API.

Diagram explaining connection between Sony, 3rd vendor, controller and Web API
Visual product features
CNA-2 product image
E-Paper display

CNA-2 features e-paper display technology to demonstrate a paper-like display. This allows the customer to be able to clearly operate the adapter even in direct sunlight. As a reflective display, it does not emit any light, which makes it energy-friendly.

CNA-2 product image from the back
Network redundancy ensures uninterrupted, secure connectivity

Network redundancy ensures uninterrupted, secure connectivity.

CNA-2 product image from the back
Featuring a DC IN power adapter

The DC IN power adapter enables redundant power supply implementation.

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Power requirements LAN1 PoE (IEEE802.3af Type 1 Class 0 compliant):
DC 37 V – 57 V
CCU power supply (CCA):
DC 10.5 V – 30 V
DC 10.5 V – 17 V
DC 12 V IN:
DC 11.4 V – 12.6 V
Power consumption
9 W (main unit only, DC 12 V IN)
Operating temperature
5ºC to 40ºC (41ºF to 104ºF)
Storage temperature
–20ºC to +60ºC (–4ºF to +140ºF)
660 g (1 lb 7.3 oz)
External dimensions (w/h/d)
100 mm × 42 mm × 181 mm (4 inches × 1 11/16 inches × 7 1/4 inches)
USB connector
High Speed USB (USB 2.0) (1)
CCU REMOTE connector
8-pin multi-connector, jack (1)
AUX REMOTE connector
8-pin multi-connector, jack (1)
DC output: 30 V, 6 W
External I/O connector
D-SUB 15-pin (1)
Network connector RJ-45 (2)
1000BASE-T: IEEE 802.3ab
Before Using This Unit (1)
AC adaptor AC-UES1230M T