Full HD 7.4-inch OLED viewfinder
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Featuring a Full HD 1920 x 1080 7.4-inch OLED display panel, the HDVF-EL740 viewfinder is ideal for 4K/HD live productions when used in conjunction with Sony portable system cameras and XDCAM camcorders. A new digital interface supports 1080p direct signal transfers from the latest HDC series camera, while the viewfinder also retains a traditional analog interface for compatibility with other Sony cameras and camcorders. Convenient operation is further enhanced by camera head menus in addition to the viewfinder’s dedicated menus. For even greater operational flexibility, an external HD SDI input and DC/Tally input terminals are provided. With this new panel device adoption, the HDVF product body size becomes thinner.


Full HD 1920 x 1080 7.4-inch OLED panel ideal for 4K/HD live production with Sony studio cameras

The HDVF-EL740 Full HD 7.4-inch OLED viewfinder is ideal for use with Sony portable system cameras and XDCAM shoulder type camcorders. The 1920 x 1080 resolution OLED panel enables highly accurate focusing. The viewfinder is supplied with a hood to help minimize glare in outside field operations, together with a protective panel on the OLED display surface.

New digital interface with camera head

A new digital interface allows direct 1080p signal transfers when using the viewfinder in combination with the latest HDC series camera models via the dedicated new cable. There’s also a standard analog interface to accept analog video signals from earlier generation camera models and XDCAM shoulder type camcorder models by the traditional viewfinder cable.

Combined flexible operation including camera head menus

Camera head menus for new Sony HDC series camera models can be operated via the viewfinder panel. Most functions can be assigned to dedicated switches on the viewfinder panel, allowing the operator to concentrate on a single display view. Also, the camera side can control the HDVF menus.

Lifting mechanism

The viewfinder lifting mechanism allows convenient panning, tilting and also height movement adjustments.

Assignable switches on bezel

The HDVF-EL740 offers two assignable switches on the bezel for use in bespoke camera setups. Assigned functions can be selected from the combined camera menus.

Flexible attachment

A standard ¼-inch tapped threaded screw hole at the base of the viewfinder body simplifies attachment to a rig arm without the tilt base assembly.

External 3G-SDI input

The viewfinder’s 3G-SDI input connector adds flexibility for viewing an external picture source, other than from the camera signal input. It can accept the 1080i/p video signals.

Externally supplied DC power and tally input

A DC input connector is provided for operating the viewfinder as a “standalone” without a cabled connection to the camera’s power supply. A red tally input is also provided.

Boosted Brightness Mode (BBM)

The high-brightness OLED panel allows display brightness level to be boosted up to 700 cd/m2 for ease of use in outdoor environments or other conditions with bright ambient lighting.

Color temperature adjustment

Color temperature settings for the viewfinder display can be adjusted between 3200K and 9500K in 100K increments to suit operational requirements.

Flicker suppression

A user-switchable flicker suppression function reduces flicker that can occur with low vertical frequency input signals.

Camera number display

The camera number can be turned on via the LED device through a plastic number sheet supplied.

Waveform monitor function (WFM)

Input signal waveform can be displayed within the viewfinder sub-display, enabling all-in-one picture control monitoring for precise exposure control. 2x MAG output on the viewfinder panel is available while selecting the required position out of 5 positions.

Supplied viewfinder hood

The viewfinder is supplied with a hood suitable for outside use. A longer pyramid-style hood VFH-790 is also available as an option for outdoor use.


Power requirements
10.5 V to 17.0 V DC (supplied by the camera or an external supply)
Power consumption
12.0 W (BBM ON: 13.5 W)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
-20°C to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F)
Mass [Hood is not included.]
-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Dimensions (W x H x D) [Hood is not included.]
1.7 kg (3 lb 12 oz)
Power requirements
295 x 217.9 x 150.7 mm(11 5/8 x 8 5/8 x 6 inches)
7.4-inch (188 mm) color OLED panel
Effective picture size [H/V, 16:9 aspect ratio]
164 × 92 mm (6 1/2 × 3 5/8 inches)
Brightness [peak brightness, typical]
315 cd/m2 in normal mode (BBM ON: 700 cd/m2
Color temperature
23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 30PsF, 50i, 50p, 59.94i, 59.94p, 60i, 60p
50p, 59.94p
Camera connector
Round type 20-pin (x1)
SDI input
BNC type (1)
DC/Tally input
DIN, 4-pin (1)
Indoor Hood (1)
Number Plate (1)
Cleaning Cloth (1)
Connection Cable, 20pin (1)
Note: The new type only.
V Wedge Shoe Attachment (1)
Hexagonal Wrench (1)
Socket Head Cap Screws (4)
Shoe Converter Bracket (1)
Mounting Screws (4) for the shoe converter bracket Spiral Tube (1)
Before Using This Unit (1)
Operation Manual (CD-ROM) (1)