Optional 250 GB SSD Drive for RAID-4 Configurations (XDS-PD2000 only)
$4,000.00 U.S. List Price
Image of the following product: XDBK-102


Third 250 GB solid state drive in a drive carrier to configure XDS-PD2000 internal storage as a RAID-4 configuration

The XDBK-102 is a 250 GB solid state drive with drive sled that enables you to further enhance the reliability of the Professional Media Station's internal storage by creating a RAID-4 configuration.

Reliable storage solution for XDS-PD2000


Internal storage for the XDS-PD2000 Media Station

The FSR 250 GB SSD Drive for RAID-4 Configuration further enhances the reliability of your XDS-PD2000 Professional Media Station’s internal storage in a RAID-4 set-up.