RMU-01 (RMU01)

Remote Control Unit for Digital Wireless Microphone System


  • The RMU-01 is a Remote Control Unit for Digital Wireless Microphone System
  • The RMU-01 controls up to 82 digital wireless transmitters in one system via a separate RF carrier in the 2.4-GHz spectrum, with the supplied software of the DWR-R01D.
  • The RMU-01 covers a 32-feet (10-meter) radius. Multiple units can be configured to expand the 2.4-GHz spectrum coverage area (up to 9 x RMU-01 in one system, and the maximum number of transmitters which can be controlled in one system is 82 units regardless of the number of RMU).
  • This unit can be connected using Ethernet cabling (RJ-45) with an optional third-party PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) switcher to create a remote-control network for use with one or more DWR-R01D receivers.
  • Accepts PoE (Power over Ethernet) making long-distance LAN connections easy. The power to this unit can also be provided from the supplied AC adaptor. (AC-UES1230M T*)
  • Mounting options include mounting the RMU-01 onto a microphone stand using supplied screw adaptors or using a supplied bracket mount for ceiling or wall mounting.

*For the customers in Europe:
Eco-design information for the AC adaptor is available at the following website: https://www.compliance.sony.eu/

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