4K surgical displays for 2D and 3D workflows

The clarity of displayed images is essential for surgeons, endoscopists, medical consultants and clinical staff. Sony provides the best possible support with their surgical monitors, which includes 4K, full HD, 3D, and 2D options, available in various sizes ranging from 55 inches to 21 inches and equipped with advanced features. You can select the surgical monitor that best suits your specific needs.

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An image of four 4K surgical displays that show surgical workflow

Revolution in Surgical Imaging

Sony’s LMD-XH series medical monitors are packed with advanced technologies to provide medical professionals with a high level of visual details and accuracy in images. These monitors ensure impressive 4K Ultra HD images with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (16:9 screen aspect ratio.) HDR compatibility with HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) incorporation reproduce stunningly lifelike images with a peak brightness of more than 1,500 cd/m2 (LMD-XH550MT and LMD-XH550MD)/1,750 cd/m2 (LMD-XH320MT) and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 achieved by Sony’s unique Local Dimming Technology.

LMD-XH Series Surgical Monitors


55-inch 4K 3D/2D surgical monitor.

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Sony's LMD-XH550MT 4K surgical monitor


32-inch 4K 3D/2D surgical monitor.

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Sony's LMD-XH320MT 4K surgical monitor


55-inch 4K 2D surgical monitor.

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Sony's LMD-XH550MD 4K surgical monitor

Unlocking Benefits with Every Use

Gives a greater level of detail, and bright, high contrast true-to-life images.

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Lets surgeons gain detailed insights and spatial orientation during complicated operations.

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Ensures excellent color and high contrast of original images.

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Delivers rapid adjustment of color, structure and shadow areas for clearer and easier viewing.

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Webinar to unlock the potential of ​Sony's LMD-XH550MD

In this webinar, we will discuss how this state-of-the-art display revolutionizes healthcare applications.

A medical monitor on the background of surgeons in OR

Multifunctional 32-inch 4K medical grade monitor

The LMD-X3200MD 32-inch medical grade monitor displays very high-quality 4K color images. The LCD panel and signal processing technology provide a Wide Color Gamut complying with BT.2020. HDR Gamma support (Hybrid Log-Gamma) provides vivid 4K HDR images with greater contrast. Slim, thin and easy to use with generous signal connection options, the widescreen (16:9) monitor features a flat, hygiene-friendly design that’s optimized for use in medical environments.

LMD-X3200MD LCD surgical monitor


32-inch 4K 2D LCD medical monitor.

27-inch 4K surgical monitors with high picture quality

LMD-X2710MD and LMD-X2705MD support 4K/HD and HDR content, ensuring high picture quality during medical procedures. Its Wide Color Gamut, complying with the BT.2020 standard, provides accurate and vibrant colors. Additionally, the monitors are equipped with HDR Gamma support (Hybrid Log-Gamma), enhancing image contrast and detail. The 12G (LMD-X2710MD only)/3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs provide seamless integration with various surgical devices. A compact and ergonomic design allows easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and efficient operating environment.


27-inch 4K 2D LCD medical monitor with 12G-SDI.

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LMD-X2710MD 4K 2d LCD medical monitor


27-inch 4K 2D LCD medical monitor with 3G-SDI.

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LMD-X2705MD 4K 2d LCD medical monitor
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