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A flexible data center solution that scales to address your archive requirements.

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Our portfolio of archiving solutions is engineered for a wide range of applications, from high-capacity data management to media-asset management in broadcast and production, R&D, healthcare, government, banking, education, and more.

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What is PetaSite Library?

PetaSite Library is a modular, expandable, and efficient data center solution. With 165 TB to 2.9 PB per standard rack space, it provides flexible system expansion to support increased archive performance and storage density.

All our library models are available as part of an integrated solution. This includes all hardware and the software needed for transparent read/write access via standard file system to the media library.

PetaSite Library components

Leveraging the PetaSite Library components, customers have the flexibility to build solutions that meet both their archive performance and capacity requirements.

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The ODS-L30M master unit contains a robotics and system control interface, up to two optical drives, and 30 media slots providing 165 TB of archive capacity.

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The ODS-L100E extension chassis adds an additional 101 media slots, supporting 555.5 TB of extra capacity. Up to five ODS-L100Es can be deployed in a PetaSite solution, providing an additional 2775.5 TB of archive capacity.

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The ODS-L60E extension chassis adds up to four additional Generation 3 drives and an additional 61 media slots, for improved archive performance and 335.5 TB of extra capacity. Up to four ODS-L60Es can be deployed in a PetaSite library.

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The ODS-D380F is a fiber channel drive unit for the ODS-L30M/L60E/L100E PetaSite scalable library with very high transfer speeds of 1.5 Gbps write (verify on) and 3 Gbps read using an ODC-5500R Generation 3 cartridge.

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Flexible solution expansion

Our PetaSite Library is a true, fully modular and scalable solution built around three chassis types. All chassis are industry-standard 7U rack space configuration. Each full system can expand from one to six chassis per 42U rack, and three full racks per server are supported.

The PetaSite Library is a fully modular solution built around three chassis types. Each chassis is 7U and supports industry-standard 23.62 x 47.24 in data center racks.

Image displaying differences between Petasite library chassis types

PetaSite expansion options

TotalMaster Unit ODS-L30M (30 cartridges) Extension Unit ODS-L60E (61 cartridges)Extension Unit ODS-L100E (101 cartridges)Drive QuantityCartridge QuantityMaximum Capacity (*1) (ODC5500R)
6 units1 unit4 units1 unit183752.1 PB
6 units1 unit3 units2 units144152.2 PB
6 units1 unit2 units3 units104552.5 PB
6 units1 unit1 unit4 units64952.7 PB
6 units1 unit05 units25352.9 PB

(*1) The usable capacity may be less than the maximum capacity.

Together we're protecting your data

We’re proud to work closely with many leading names in data storage and archiving. Discover the growing range of products and solutions compatible with Optical Disc Archive.

alliance storage technologies netarchive logo

Alliance Storage Technologies NETArchive

Alliance Storage Technologies, NETArchive® family of products addresses regulatory compliance requirements for long-term data retention with fast access to digital record requests from local, state, and federal agencies. The NETArchive Data Archiving Solution provides essential archiving capabilities including FIPS 140-2 certified AES-256 bit data encryption and replication, enhancing the security and availability of your archive data. Together NETArchive and Sony ODA provide cost-effective archive solutions while maintaining the highest level of data security.

intelligent archive from corterix logo

Intelligent Archive (IA) from Corterix

Businesses and government need to intelligently store, archive, and search data. Corterix Intelligent Archive (IA) application and Sony Optical Disc Archive can store 10,000+ PB of data for 100+ years—designed to give our customers unmatched scalability and data longevity with ultra-low TCO. The most unique feature of Corterix IA is its Google-like search and AI-like analytic technology, allowing users and applications to access and analyze the data. IA and Sony’s unmatched scalability, data longevity, search, and analytic capability is not available in “classic” archives.

point storage manager psm logo

PoINT Storage Manager (PSM)

PoINT Storage Manager integrates secondary and archive storage systems into the existing storage infrastructure without the need for costly changes and disruptions. PoINT Storage Manager performs automated file tiering and archiving by policy-based identifying and moving of data from primary storage systems to secondary and archive storage while maintaining transparent user access to all data. It also has an integrated migration functionality to quickly replace legacy storage with new systems without interruption of operation.

qstar technologies logo

QStar Technologies

QStar Technologies Archive Platform called HYPERTIER, is a unified software defined storage (SDS) solution that automatically and transparently archives, migrates, and protects your unstructured data. Through a single-entry point, the HYPERTIER platform, which consists of Archive Manager and Network Migrator, provides archive options through an Archive Gateway using SMB, NFS, FTP, and S3 interfaces including an optional policy-driven approach. QStar with Sony ODA libraries provides an effective approach to protect, manage, and access data.

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