BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays

Our slim, energy-efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays combine bright, beautiful 4K HDR images with easy operation, extensive integration options and low ownership costs.

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BRAVIA for Business

Discover the benefits of our 4K Professional Displays for corporate presentations, collaboration, signage, video conferencing and more.

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BRAVIA for Education

Our 4K Professional Displays are the educated choice for richer teaching and learning in classrooms, colleges and universities.

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Energy Saving: BRAVIA BZ35F Series

Sony incorporates energy-saving technologies and features in a wide range of products. Our BZ35F Series BRAVIA® 4K Professional Displays are ENERGY STAR® certified*, and we are a proud partner and active participant in the Energy Star program for Displays. Energy Star products are certified to meet and exceed current energy specifications to save energy, lower energy bills, help protect the environment and prevent climate change.

*Excluding the FW-85BZ35F.

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