Clearer, sharper pictures with Reality Creation

Reality Creation is Sony’s advanced processing technology that dramatically enhances the clarity of projected pictures by comparing lower-resolution images with our unique picture pattern database. Now Reality Creation is enhanced with two new modes for our VPL-FHZ85/80, VPL-PHZ61/51 laser projectors that ensure even crisper, clearer images and text.

The VPL-FHZ85/80 projecting a very high-resolution image

Take projected pictures closer to reality

Reality Creation is Sony’s unique real-time signal processing technology that improves picture clarity, especially when you’re using the projector with a lower-resolution image source. Individual frames are matched against our picture pattern database that’s been trained over more than a decade to recognize thousands of distinctive shapes, textures, and patterns. Sophisticated pixel remapping then enhances individual areas of the low-resolution image in real time, ensuring accurately detailed pictures that take you even closer to reality.

Original image being analyzed to show a clearer, enhanced image

More lifelike images with added depth

Our bright, compact VPL-FHZ85/80, VPL-PHZ61/51 laser projectors feature Sony’s most sophisticated Reality Creation signal processing engine yet. High-frequency image areas are sharpened more than low-to-middle frequency parts, giving an accentuated feeling of depth and realism in every scene. With 4K signals, the sharpness of high-frequency parts is even stronger, ensuring image reproduction with close-to-real 4K picture quality.

Reality creation being used in a nature shot to reduce or increase background and foreground detail
Reality creation being used to enhance sharpness for a high-frequency part

Crisper words and lines with Reality Text

Also unique to our VPL-FHZ85/80, VPL-PHZ61/51 laser projectors, new Reality Text mode emphasizes characters and lines so your audience can see them more clearly. Words, numbers, and diagrams are crisper, sharper, and easier to read in documents, spreadsheets, graphs, and presentations – so everyone’s clear about the point you’re making.

Table with text, numbers, and line graph without Reality text

Reality Text Off

Table with text, numbers, and line graph with Reality text

Reality Text On

Read letters and lines even more clearly.