Powered Line-Array Speaker delivers spectacular sound with fine beam control and flexible installation

SLS-1A Speaker
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Rich, powerful sound with large display solutions

Give every audience member a rich, powerful sound experience in corporate and educational environments. The SLS-1A is a compact, uniquely versatile line-array speaker system that offers an ideal audio reinforcement solution in conjunction with large display solutions, including our BRAVIA professional displays, projectors, and Crystal LED video walls.

Clear, low-distortion full-range sound

The SLS-1A features eight full-range driver units mounted in a line array configuration, supplemented by a powerful integrated multi-channel amplification system. Sound is delivered with remarkable richness, accuracy, and presence in any listening environment.

Flat and square diaphragm

Provides an ideal point source with reduced inter-modulation distortion.

Magnetic fluid speaker

Original Sony technology eliminates voice coil damper found in standard speakers, reducing distortion for clearer sound.

Integrated amplification

An 8 x 10 W amplifier plus integrated 8-channel 96 kHz DSP ensures pure, clear audio, with a separate bass reflex driver for extended low frequencies.

Compact size, flexible installation

The SLS-1A offers an ideal sound solution in a wide range of listening environments. The compact line-array unit can be discreetly mounted to suit any size or shape of room. Multiple SLS-A1 units can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and “cascaded” via a single Ethernet cable as part of a Dante® digital audio network to simplify wiring in large-scale AV installations.

Compact yet powerful

A rigid aluminum body measuring just 3.62 x 15.12 x 4.33*in houses speakers and amplification, delivering high sound pressure levels from a compact unit.

*4.33in without speaker grille

Image of the speaker in vertical position

Flexible mounting and expansion options

Mount horizontally or vertically. Easily link multiple units for larger scale sound installations.

Flexible beam setting

Adjust sound settings using hardware switches, third-party EASE® Focus software or Sony’s PC app that controls beam steering, spread, and EQ.

On-screen center sound localization

The SLS-1A is an ideal sound reinforcement partner for large display installations, including our BRAVIA 100 in 4K professional display, projectors, and Sony’s Crystal LED system. In contrast with normal point-source speakers, the SLS-1A offers a large “sweet spot” that can be accurately controlled for clear, consistent sound over a wide listening area in any venue – from corporate showrooms, entrance lobbies, and retail spaces to lecture halls and auditoriums. The finely controlled beam is also particularly suited to providing even sound coverage in venues like auditoriums with a raked floor.

Better sound in any room

Unlike standard speakers, the line array design of the SLS-1A minimizes sound reflections from ceilings, walls, and floors. Audiences can hear uniform, clearly directed sound with less attenuation over long distances, independent of room size or shape.

picture of an office reception with the speakers shown alongside an information screen

Professional Speakers Configuration Tool

Use our interactive tool to configure your speakers to your requirements and export the results in a PDF. IE not supported.

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Image of a desktop PC and on screen is an image of the SLS Speak configurator tool.

Clear, controllable sound in every environment

Lobbies and entrances

Image of office reception with speakers and screens mounted on a wall

Corporate and Retail Spaces

Auditoriums and lecture halls

Image of a lecture hall with a class looking on and listening to a lesson

Meeting rooms

Image of an office meeting room with screen and speakers used in a video conference

Public spaces

Large Classrooms

Image of a college lecture room

SLS-1A Line-Array Speaker - Technical Resource Guide

Download our comprehensive Technical Resource Guide for the SLS-1A Line-Array Speaker to learn how this new system solves some of the toughest challenges faced by modern sound system designers today.

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Frequency Range
80 Hz – 20 kHz
*Frequency characteristic measured at anechoic chamber
Horizontal Dispersion
200 degrees
*1 - 4k average, –6 dB *At Vertical style (Vertical Dispersion at Horizontal style
Vertical Opening Angles
Software Adjustable:
1 Module: Max 40 degrees
2 Modules: Max 50 degrees
3 Modules: Max 60 degrees
4 Modules: Max 70 degrees
5 Modules: Max 80 degrees
6 Modules: Max 90 degrees
*At Vertical style (Vertical Opening Angles at Horizontal style)
Vertical Beam Steering Angles
1 Module: 20 degrees
2 Modules: 20 degrees
3 Modules: 30 degrees
4 Modules: 30 degrees
5 Modules: 40 degrees
6 Modules: 40 degrees
*At Vertical style (Vertical Opening Angles at Horizontal style)
Maximum SPL (3.28 ft)
1 Module: 105 dB (peak 112 dB)
2 Modules: 111 dB (peak 118 dB)
3 Modules: 115 dB (peak 122 dB)
4 Modules: 117 dB (peak 124 dB)
5 Modules: 119 dB (peak 126 dB)
6 Modules: 121 dB (peak 128 dB)
* Max SPL calculated based on free-field sensitivity, and without beam steering, spreading applied.
Peak SPL (98.43 ft)
1 Module 97 dB
2 Modules: 103 dB
3 Modules: 107 dB
4 Modules: 109 dB
5 Modules: 111 dB
6 Modules: 113 dB
* Assumption signal loss at 98.43 ft and 15 dB
Typical Usable Throw Distance
1 Module: 13.12 ft
2 Modules: 26.25 ft
3 Modules: 39.37 ft
4 Modules: 52.49 ft
5 Modules: 65.62 ft
6 Modules: 82.02 ft
* Typical Maximum Usable Throw Distance includes considerations for reverberation and speech intelligibility
Low-frequency Beam Control Limit
1 Module: 1.25 kHz
2 Modules: 630 Hz
3 Modules: 400 Hz
4 Modules: 315 Hz
5 Modules: 250 Hz
6 Modules: 200 Hz
Enclosure type
Bass reflex type
Flat and Square speaker unit, 35 x 35 mm (1.38 x 1.38 in) Full range x8
Magnetic shielding
Dust- and water-resistant
Amplifier Channels /
Rated Power
Power Output (rated)
10 W x 8 channels (at 6 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD)
Amplifier type
Protection circuit
Speaker Processing: Clipping limit
Amplifier: Terminal shutdown/Overheat protection/Over voltage protection/Under voltage lock out/DC protection
Power: Overload protection/Overheat protection
Electric performance
Power (AC) Voltage
AC 100–240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power (AC) Connector
Power Consumption
87 W/Standby 7 W (Dante IN or Dante OUT: 1 port), 8 W (Dante IN and Dante OUT: 2 ports)
Analog Audio Input
Euro type terminal block (Pitch 0.15 in, 3-pin, Green)
Analog Audio Maximum Input Level (4 stages)
Balance connection: +8.2 dBu (2 Vrms)/+12 dBu/+18 dBu/+24 dBu
Unbalance connection: +8.2 dBu (2 Vrms)/+12 dBu/+18 dBu
Input Sensitivity (4 stages)
Balance connection: +8.2 dBu (2 Vrms)/+12 dBu/+18 dBu/+24 dBu
Unbalance connection: +8.2 dBu (2 Vrms)/+12 dBu/+18 dBu
Input Impedance
Balance connection: 94 kΩ / Unbalance connection: 47 kΩ
Digital Audio Inputs
1-channel of Dante digital audio network (RJ-45)
*8-channel of Dante digital audio network (RJ-45) is possible
Digital Audio Outputs
1-channel of Dante digital audio network (RJ-45) *8-channel of Dante digital audio network (RJ-45) is possible
Power (DC) Input/Output
Euro type terminal block (Pitch 0.2 in, 4-pin, Black/Green)
DIP Switch
Select preset beam setting and Dante® input channel (1 ch/8 ch)
(Integrated DSP)
A/D and D/A Converters
24-bit, 96 kHz
FIR Filter Support
1024 tap @ 96 kHz
Audio Latency
13 mS
Physical specification
Cabinet: Extruded aluminum (powder coated)
Side/Back panel: Plastic
Punching metal steel plate (Painted)
Status, Signal, LAN
Operating Temperature Range (Ambient)
32–104 °F
Cooling System
Cooling is passive only
Indoor only
Integrated speaker brackets; allows horizontal yaw to 0-degree or 10-degree direction
Dimensions (w x h x d) (approx.)
384 x 92 x 100 mm (15.12 x 3.62 x 4 in) (without speaker grill)
384 x 92 x 110 mm (15.12 x 3.62 x 4.33 in) (with speaker grill)
Mass (approx.)
4 kg (8 lb 14 oz) (with speaker grill)
Power (DC) Input/Output
Euro type terminal block (Pitch 0.2 in, 4-pin, Black/Green)
Included Accessories
Speaker grille (attached to the speaker) (1), Power cord (1), Power cascade cable (Euro type terminal block) (1), Ethernet cable for audio signal cascade (RJ-45) (1), 3-pin Euro type terminal block header (1), Speaker bracket (no slant) (2), Speaker bracket (10-degree slant) (2), Speaker joint bracket (no slant) (1), Speaker joint bracket (10-degree slant) (1), Wall mounting bracket (1), Metal joint fitting for wall mounting brackets (1), Detachment stopper (2), Metal joint fitting for attaching a safety wire (2), Cable clamp (2), Spacer pad A (2), Spacer pad B (1), 4 x 10 screw with washer (9), Shoulder screw (2), Operating Instructions (this manual) (1), Reference Guide (1), Warranty card (1)