Laser Projectors for Education and Business

Our reliable, elegantly styled laser projectors add impact to your visual communications in lecture theaters and auditoriums, corporate boardrooms, classrooms and meeting spaces. Engage students, colleagues and visitors with spectacular color, contrast and detail.

Intelligent Setting Laser Projectors Starting at $1,599 MSRP

With efficient Z-Phosphor™ laser operation, 3-LCD BrightEra® performance and Reality Creation image quality, our laser projectors have always been the wise choice. Now our exclusive Intelligent Settings feature makes them even smarter.

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Intelligent Setting Laser Projectors

Why Sony?

We’re a leading innovator in consumer and professional imaging technologies. You’ll see the experience and passion of our engineers reflected in our products for a wide range of applications, from moviemaking and broadcasting to medical equipment, business, education, and more.

Harnessing decades of Sony expertise in image sensors, digital processing, light sources, and display devices, our laser projectors unite cutting-edge technology with effortless style and dependable performance.

Beautiful detail and rich colors

Our advanced Z-Phosphor laser light source is teamed with 3LCD BrightEra™ panel technology to deliver consistently crisp, bright, high-contrast images bursting with rich color and fine detail. Sony’s Reality Creation engine analyzes input signals right down to pixel level. Powerful pattern matching and super resolution processing enhance crispness of images and text with smooth gradations and ultra-low picture noise.

A line of three icons to represent Intelligent Settings. Picture icon connected to a lightbulb icon connected to a fan icon.

Optimized performance, simpler installation

Intelligent Settings optimize projector performance while achieving efficient long-term operation. Four presets fine-tune brightness, color, cooling, and other settings to simplify installation in meeting/classrooms, museums, entertainment venues, and multi-screen setups.

Elegant simplicity in every situation

From lecture theaters and large auditoriums to office boardrooms, reception lobbies and meeting spaces — the sleek, minimalist monoplate design of our laser projectors blends unobtrusively into any environment. And as a further refined touch, smart cable management keeps installation neat and tidy.

Dependable by design

Stable, reliable operation is designed into our laser projectors that are developed to the most stringent quality standards. You’ll enjoy consistently clear, beautiful images in critical business and educational environments.

Consistent colors

Always beautiful: auto color calibration ensures dependable, long-term color consistency.

Stay cool design

Efficient heat sink design keeps operating temperature down for reliable long-term operation.

Dust resistant

Cleaning robotics and electrostatic filtering maintain ventilation and avoid dust build-up.

Discover our laser projectors

Packed with the latest technology, our smartly styled laser projectors deliver crisp, brilliantly consistent images in lecture theaters and auditoriums, corporate boardrooms, meeting spaces, classrooms and visitor attractions.


13,000 lumens very high brightness, ideal for permanent installation in large spaces

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6,500 lumens high brightness, suitable for mid-size environments

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5,000 lumens brightness with impressive image quality and attractive running costs

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5,000 lumens brightness, compact, easy to use, and ideal for networked AV environments

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