UWP-D Wireless Series

Our UWP-D wireless microphone series delivers the sound quality of digital audio processing combined with the reliability of analog FM modulation, improving transient response performance, providing impressive natural sound quality the perfect audio solution for handheld camcorders and DSLRs.

For customers in North America, this particular wireless device operates in portions of the 617-652 MHz or 663-698 MHz frequencies. As of 2017, these frequencies are being transitioned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the 600 MHz service to meet increasing demand for wireless broadband services. Users of this device may be required to cease operating on these frequencies no later than July 13, 2020. In addition, users may be required to cease operations before that date if their operations could cause harmful interference to a 600 MHz service licensee's wireless operations on these frequencies. For more information, contact the FCC.

For customers in Canada, please consult ISED’s Spectrum Advisory Bulletin for recent information related to the 600 MHz band transition.