PWS-110RX1A (PWS110RX1A)

Network RX Station


Simple, robust and affordable live-streaming solution for broadcasting
Sony's Network RX Station, the PWS-110RX1A, can be used stand-alone or with XDCAM air*1, our cloud-based ENG solution. Depending on the configuration, it can accept live video and audio directly from a vast array of supported camcorders and adaptors via single- or dual-link connections using cellular, Wi-Fi or wired networks. The Network RX Station delivers uncommonly high-quality HD streams.

Live-streaming from camcorders is very popular right now, and it's not hard to see why. News organizations want the fastest access to breaking stories and editors want to get the fastest possible head start on incoming footage. But not all streaming technologies are created equal.

At the high end, satellite and microwave contribution work well — if you can afford the van, the antennas and the operating costs. Low-end Wi-Fi-based solutions are good for providing pictures to an audience that might otherwise be left in the dark. But all too often, the video stream is marred by picture freezes, dropped frames and macro blocking. That's why Sony developed advanced streaming with Quality of Service (QoS) for our PWS-110RX1A streaming receiver. You get maximum performance at minimum cost.

(*1) XDCAM air is a subscription service, available in North America and Europe as of August 2019.


Stable live-streaming with Sony's QoS technology
Network packet loss during streaming, can degrade image quality, cause image freezing and disrupt the audio. Sony's Quality of Service (QoS) technology helps maintain video and audio integrity during transmission. Original Sony algorithms automatically optimize bandwidth and buffer size according to the transmission conditions. Technologies like real-time automatic repeat request (ARQ), adaptive rate control (ARC) and forward error correction (FEC) maintain signal integrity. You get high-quality streaming without the need for manual adjustments.

New H.265/HEVC transmission mode*2 brings customers better picture quality in a lower bitrate than live-streaming in conventional H.264/AVC mode.

(*2) Available with XDCAM air subscription in North America and Europe. Other areas require a paid licence and the PWSL-RXAD series for activation.
Cost-efficient live-streaming of 1080i and 720p over cellular, Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet
The unit receives connections from up to 30 Sony-supported Camcorders and adaptors via cellular, Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet networks in a variety of broadcast formats, including 1080i and 720p. The system can handle live streams, each from 0.5–12 Mbps.
Direct streaming from a wide range of XDCAM camcorders, adaptors and cellphones
Supported camcorders use a cellular/Wi-Fi dongle or CBK-NA1 Ethernet adaptor, and non-supported devices can use the CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101 adaptors along with a cellular/Wi-Fi dongle or CBK-NA1 Ethernet adaptor. The XDCAM pocket mobile application for both iOS and Android is available for sending QoS live-streaming from your cellphone.*3

(*3) Available with XDCAM air subscription in North America and Europe. Other areas require a paid licence and the PWSL-XPT series for activation.
Dual Link streaming*4
Utilizing 2 mobile networks, supported camcorders and CBK-WA100/101 wireless adaptors can send dynamically load-balanced live-streaming packets to a PWS-110RX1A receiver. This provides increased bandwidth and redundancy for when one carrier's mobile network condition weakens, allowing the second mobile connection to carry the balance of the stream. During ideal conditions, video-streaming data packets are equally aggregated among both connections/mobile networks. The CBK-DL1 USB adaptor enables camcorders with a single-USB interface to divide into two USB slots.

(*4) Available with XDCAM air subscription in North America and Europe. Other areas require a paid licence and the PWSL-RXDL series for activation.
Remote file transfer
The PWS-110RX1A allows users to remotely access proxy media within a supported camcorder or adaptor. The remote operator then has the ability to execute a file transfer from the camcorders or adaptor to an FTP server or cloud service of their choice.
Two simultaneous SDI output streams
Output up to two live streams of SDI for downstream systems such as a switcher or an ingest server. Multiple PWS-110RX1A units can be ganged together to allow additional camcorder connections and SDI outputs, all while using a single user interface.
Broadcast-standard connectivity
In addition to two SDI outputs, the receiver includes reference and timecode input connectors to enable synchronization with broadcast systems.
Intuitive web-based management GUI
The Web-based management GUI software Connection Control Manager enables easy connection to camcorders and delivers efficient handling of live streams. The software is preinstalled on the PWS-110RX1A and presents a comprehensive GUI that can be used, for example, to view thumbnails from multiple camcorders; to control camcorder connections, transmission bit rates, and latency settings; and to monitor output from multiple PWS-110RX1A units.
Optional licences*5 to enhance your workflow with additional features
PWS-110RX1A is flexible platform to enhance your workflow with additional features with optional paid licences. The following products are available now:

  • Dual Link licence (PWSL-RXDL series): activates a feature for receiving QoS live-streaming from camcorders/adaptors with two aggregated cellular connections.
  • Advanced Camera licence (PWSL-RXAD series): activates advanced network features (HEVC QoS live-streaming and Intercom features) for the PXW-Z280 and PXW-Z190.
  • XDCAM pocket licence (PWSL-XPT series): activates a feature for receiving QoS live-streaming from the XDCAM pocket mobile application.
  • (*5) These licences are covered by the XDCAM air subscription service in North America and Europe.