Quick service restaurants and casual dining

Create smooth, speedy dining experiences with our bright, easy to manage restaurant digital signage solutions

Quick-service food and beverage industry trends

Competitive market

Tech-native diners

Time-pressed diners

Supporting sustainability

Retail displays for every QSR dining visit

Our retail display solutions help QSR outlets grab shopper attention, streamline order handling, increase impulse sales opportunities and guide diners through a mouth-watering food and beverage experience.

Empower customer choices

Help QSR diners choose and order more quickly and efficiently.

Customer selects food on self-serve display

Attract and delight guests

Generate customer excitement with bright true-to-life menus.

Three Professional Displays on the ceiling show a menu board in a restaurant.

Drive new sales opportunities

Highlight promotions and boost impulse purchases in real time.

Customers in restaurant with menu board screens shown in the background

Bright, vibrant colorful images that bring menu options to life

Showcase menu choices and promotions in vibrant color and detail, with a wide viewing angle so customers can see clearly from anywhere in the store. With a choice of panel sizes to suit every QSR outlet, BRAVIA Professional Displays video, images and text with impressive brightness, clarity and contrast that always stand out in busy restaurants and cafeterias.

Customer looks at screen in vibrant color and detail with food options

Efficient, interactive order management

Make your customers’ QSR food and beverage experience exceptional with every visit. Our BRAVIA Professional Displays are ideal for integration with touchscreen overlays to create self-serve kiosk and order management solutions. Slim, bright and easy to install, they’re the intelligent way to deliver tailored real-time promotions and build interactive ordering experiences that customers love.

Customer touches screen of display with touchscreen overlay

Digital signage that captures and keeps customer attention

Our big, beautiful display solutions play a starring role in delivering better looking, more immersive brand relationships that boost footfall, sales opportunities and long-term customer loyalty. Inform, educate and entertain patrons in every area of your restaurant with bright, colorful digital signage that’s always up to date.

Food court with on-ceiling displays showing menu boards

Cost-efficient, easy to manage QSR display solutions

You can’t afford downtime in a dynamic, highly competitive quick service food and beverage marketplace. Our energy-efficient BRAVIA Professional Displays are designed for reliable round-the-clock operation in today’s demanding retail environments, with low running costs and smart features for simpler screen management.

Customer touches screen of display with touchscreen overlay

Capture customer attention, even under bright lights

Harsh room lights can mean washed-out, hard-to-read signage and information screens that customers ignore. Premium BZ40L BRAVIA Professional Displays feature Sony’s cutting-edge Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology that reduces hazing and screen reflections caused by bright lights. You’ll be rewarded with vibrant, high-contrast visuals that customers can see clearly from any angle – keeping them engaged and informed on every visit.

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BRAVIA with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating attracts shoppers visually

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From placing orders through to back of house operations, BRAVIA pro displays and our SLS-1A Line Array speaker provide an end-to-end solution for quick service restaurants.

Attracting customers

Our high-brightness BRAVIA BZ40L Professional Displays, available in screen sizes up to 85”, are ideal for presenting offers with rich color, enhanced by Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology for high-impact​ pictures that grab your audience’s attention from any angle. The SLS-1A Line Array Speaker delivers clear and powerful promotional messages that can be heard in busy environments.​

Display with restaurant location promotion overlays food court image


With screens sizes up to 85”, our high-brightness BZ40L Professional Displays or cost-effective EZ20L Series will dazzle diners in your restaurants with spectacular image quality, enhanced by Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology for high-impact pictures from any angle. Complementing this visual experience, the SLS-1A speaker enhances this immersion with powerful sound that surrounds your visitors.​

Display shows coffee promotion with rich color on food court

Menu boards

The extra-wide angle of our BZ30L and BZ35L Professional Displays allows your diners to view the menu boards, no matter where they stand in your QSR outlet.

Restaurant with menu boards on the ceiling

Placing orders

Create interactive boards for shoppers to place and review their orders with our BZ30L and BZ35L Professional Displays. Our displays are ideal partners for interactive self-order kiosks, enabling quick and efficient operations and allowing restaurants to offer profitable upselling opportunities.

Displays show a self-order kiosk with food options

Back of house

Ideal for back-of-house operations, BZ35L Professional Displays offer an extra-wide viewing angle available in a wide range of sizes up to 85“.​

Back of house of a restaurant

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