Ci Solutions by Workflow

Move, share, store, review, and work on your media.

Media workflows, simplified and streamlined

Move media easily and work with it however you choose. Erase time-consuming tasks and collaborate on projects, regardless of location. All while keeping files accessible, usable, and secure—at scale.

Keep work flowing, every day

You know Ci gives you powerful media functions on one cloud platform. But have you thought about how these functions can work together? We’ve designed Ci so that it fits around your current workflows and enhances them—or completely transforms them. Our collection of tools and apps gives you video collaboration software, smart media management, and scalable storage. You get smoother workflows—in the cloud—while working at a professional pace.

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Remote content acquisition, just easier and faster

Get content from your camera to the cloud quickly and easily. Use Ci’s accelerated file transfers to retrieve files and streams from laptops, production servers or cameras in the field—fast. Automatically render proxies as files arrive, for instant previews. Enhance metadata with smart logging, making file searches easier. Store content in a single, secure location for online media sharing that streamlines your work.

Save time and money with a single professional video platform to move, store, log, and process files

  • Simple camera-to-cloud workflow
  • Uploads from any device, anywhere
  • Accelerated file transfers
  • Automatic transcoding and easy previews
  • Media that’s accessible wherever you are

Can we help you streamline your video projects?

Get in touch to talk about how you might be able to use Ci. Explore all the tools and functionality that will help you with managing your media and projects.
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Media collaboration, anywhere and everywhere

Make collaboration easy, clear, and instant. Preview almost any image or video, thanks to support for over 130 file extensions and 460 codecs, including RAW. Avoid back and forth emails, feedback spreadsheets, and repeated conversions and uploads. Use synchronized playback to review and annotate files as a team, even if you’re spread across the world. Then export feedback as PDFs or NLE markers for editors. Professional video review software via a standard web browser.

Enjoy the benefits of close teamwork in real time, no matter where people are in the world

  • Easy movement of source files
  • Instant, in-browser previews
  • Central storage the whole team can access
  • Synchronized playback and real-time feedback
  • Secure but flexible access models

Manage all your content in a central store, for its entire lifetime

Remove siloes and work from a single, secure location. No more time spent transcoding, transferring. or transmitting files to other apps. Access content at any time, whether you need to collaborate on projects or navigate massive media libraries. Our REST API even lets you build your own workflow integrations. Meticulous controls keep files safe while metadata enrichment makes finding them easy. Work directly in the cloud, on a platform designed for the entire lifecycle of your media.

Make the switch to smarter media asset management and build a secure cloud archive

  • Intelligent, scalable cloud-based storage
  • Media enrichment and powerful search
  • Proxies you can always access
  • A simple archive and easy restoration
ITN Productions chose Ci for its creative operations. The London-based production hub uses the platform for everything from acquisition to review, approval, and delivery. Ci's security features mean ITN can share files across numerous departments, without worry.
itn news studio

Interested in our Ci Media Cloud Platform? Speak to our team today.

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