Transforming the conventional operating room

Solutions to unleash the power of digital connectivity

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The future of surgery starts with a digital OR. And we can make that vision a reality. We offer solutions that transform the imaging workflows across hospitals — bringing greater efficiency, subsequently strengthening standards of patient care.

Nicholson Center enhances medical training and education with Sony technology

One of the leading robotic training centers in the U.S., this Florida-based institute recently installed our LMD-X550MT and HVO-3300MT to enhance their 4K and 3D visualization and robotics capabilities and provide more immersive and educational programs.

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NUCLeUS™ transforms the conventional operating room

NUCLeUS is our powerful video-over-IP platform that transforms surgical workflow in today’s connected hospitals. Flexible and scalable, NUCLeUS empowers surgeons and clinical staff to plan, route, record, and share medical data — inside and outside the OR.

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The smart digital operating room

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Surgical Monitors

4K, 4K 3D and HD medical displays

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IP Cameras

Capture and stream images across the network

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4K visualization to deliver the detail

Medical imaging in 4K brings an extra dimension of detail to surgical visualization. Our 4K workflow solutions for healthcare allow surgeons, operation room staff, consultants, and students to view and store images from clinical procedures with improved precision.

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4K Surgical Monitors

4K Medical Recorder

4K 3D and HD 3D vision in Healthcare

Viewing surgical procedures in 3D offers surgeons a new level of depth perception and additional detail compared with conventional 2D imaging. Our 4K 3D and HD 3D solutions for viewing and recording surgical content have already transformed hospital workflows across the world.

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4K 3D Surgical Monitors

4K 3D Medical Recorder