Officiating and goal line technology

Leading sports innovation from Sony


Hawk-Eye, a Sony group company, is one of the leading vision processing companies in sports, providing officiating, production, video management, broadcast and digital solutions that make the game fairer, safer and more engaging.

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Ball tracking

  • Electronic line calling
  • Goal line technology
  • Decision review system
  • Point detection system
  • Broadcast enhancement
  • Simulators


  • SMART production
  • SMART replay
  • SMART coach
  • SMART stadium
  • SMART vote


  • Data visualization
  • Social
  • Web and mobile

Customized R&D

  • Delivering customized projects across tracking, broadcasting, and virtual reality

Goal line technology: How it works

Using the latest technology of high-frame-rate cameras and cutting-edge vision processing techniques, combined with over 12 years of experience in sports officiating and broadcast enhancement, Hawk-Eye is well placed to provide goal line technology solutions for soccer games.

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SMART production

A revolution in live sport production, SMART Production utilizes automated cameras, cutting-edge IT-based production technologies and advanced vision processing to bring live sport to life.

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SMART replay

Helping the world’s biggest sports to ensure fairer, safer and more engaging play, SMART Replay lets you see every angle when you need it.

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