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We understand that in the high-pressure, competitive content production market, you want your content to stand out. We understand your need for reliability, simple workflows and a good return on your investment.

Discover how Sony can help you with everything from cameras and monitors to asset management and cloud-based workflows.

Turner International has cut their costs and reduced the edit time by 70% by working closely with Sony

Turner, a Time Warner company, brings its brands to audiences across the EMEA region via linear channels as well as the web, VOD, DVD, gaming, mobile, merchandising, publishing, or emerging platforms. Turner currently operates 69 channels in 20 languages in 125 countries.

Sony’s platform coordinates different systems and services, including some from third parties, as part of the end-to-end workflow: receiving, preparing, packaging and delivering content, tracking it along the way. It has helped to increase automation, freeing teams up for the growing volume of content that it needs to process.

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Intelligent Media Services

Old methods aren’t keeping up with new requirements to expand distribution while cutting costs. That’s why we created Intelligent Media Services. By harnessing our A/V expertise together with cloud technology, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), we’re empowering you to accomplish much more — at a dramatically lower cost. We enable you to automate workflows. Collaborate in the cloud. And speed content to all platforms.

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Dramas, movies, and commercials

Heighten your emotional impact and enhance your storytelling with tools from Sony, the company who launched 24p digital cinematography. Leverage the power of 4K resolution, High Dynamic Range, and High Frame Rates. Experience the speed of cloud-based workflows. And cover every angle from our VENICE Full Frame camera to Super35, shoulder-mount, and handheld cameras.

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Newsgathering is no place for the faint of heart. You need unquestioned durability, proven workflows, plus the image and sound quality to tell the story at its best. Our 2/3-inch shoulder cameras are the mainstay of news teams all over the world along with our digital wireless audio systems. Now discover our C3 Portal for live streaming and/or file transfer directly from the field.

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The key to reality production is coverage. And we have you covered with iconic shoulder-mount cameras, the widest selection of handhelds, plus pan/tilt/zoom robotic cameras. Invigorate your storytelling with 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, and High Frame Rates. Make sure you can find every asset, every detail, quickly and efficiently with our asset management and archiving. Speed your work with our cloud-based automation and collaboration.

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Online and Web TV

You’ve seen video become increasingly important on Facebook®. You’ve watched YouTube® begin to rival broadcasting and cable. And you’ve seen streaming and web video evolve from optional to essential. For all these reasons, online video producers are stepping up their game with Sony. Our cameras, storage, collaboration, and archiving solutions can help you achieve maximum impact.

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