Bring the wonders of our universe to life in spectacular 4K detail

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Recreate the spectacular beauty of the night sky with our powerful projectors for planetariums. The reliable, long-lasting light source in our laser projectors ensures vibrant 4K HDR images that accurately depict the brightest stellar highlights and jet-black darkness of the Milky Way and beyond.

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Awe-inspiring 4K images

Our digital projectors for planetariums feature advanced 4K SXRD panel technology that delivers consistently bright, crisply detailed native 4K images with extremely high contrast and support for HDR.

Smooth, easy-on-the-eye 3D

Our 4K projectors for planetarium applications can be readily configured for immersive presentations of the night sky in smooth, realistic 3D — without the viewing issues often associated with “triple-flash” image alternation systems that can distract audiences.

A view of a planetarium dome showing a deep purple starry night sky.

Longer operating life, lower maintenance

The efficient, highly dependable laser light source in our 4K projectors for planetarium applications offers up to 20,000 hours* of uninterrupted operation, and eliminates the risk of sudden lamp failures. Minimal maintenance is complemented by energy-saving features that drive down total ownership costs.

*Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.

An audience in a planetarium views a satellite image of the earth.

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