Maximise the potential of your agriculture operations with Sony cameras and Camera Remote Toolkit.
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Adding high-quality images to digital farming

Transform your farming practices by integrating Sony cameras with drones to capture up-to-the-minute visual data, automate image capture and data offload, and build simulations with digital images; explore Sony’s digital imaging solutions for agriculture and the automotive industry, including 3D image scanning, photogrammetry, commercial drones, and data protection.

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Visual management

Make smarter business decisions with a complete visual overview of crops, land and resources. Integrate Sony cameras with drones to capture up- to-the-minute visual data.

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Digital Twin

Create an exact Digital Twin of your farming resources. Capture high-resolution digital photographs to create accurate simulations and optimise working practices.

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Find the unexpected

Automatically compare precise land images over time to spot unexpected changes and detect problems before they escalate.

Empowering developers and creators

Our brochure explores the possibilities of Hi-Res imaging, real-time streaming, remote control, AI-powered features, and enhanced connectivity with our Camera Remote Toolkit.
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Drone image management made easier

Automate image capture and data offload. Integrate image gathering with increasingly capable drone mapping and flight management software to monitor crops and track livestock movement.

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Monitor crops and livestock remotely

Stay connected anywhere on your estate and take ultra-high-resolution images with Sony cameras while your team instantly starts organising them and extracting important data through the Camera Remote Toolkit.

Manage and view image data anywhere

Farming automation and management systems can now run in the cloud. Connect Sony’s’ high-resolution digital cameras with the Sony Camera Camera Remote Toolkit to build custom apps that connect automated image capture with specialist analytical software to develop new ways to manage and make decisions.

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Integrate with IoT

As farming management calls for increasing precision, a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors feed into a combined pool of data. High-resolution images from Sony cameras can enhance and corroborate data from other types of sensors, leading to a more complete and accurate overview of your living business.

Build simulations with digital images

Large and distributed operations can be simulated with a “digital twin”, making it both easy and accurate to run simulations and “what-if” scenarios. Test new ideas without risk. With a combination of drone photography and photogrammetry, building a digital twin is now a realistic proposition.

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Explore digital imaging solutions for the agriculture industry

3D Image Scanning

Sony cameras capture detailed images of agricultural fields, crops, livestock, and equipment, which can then be used to create 3D models and analyse data using Camera Remote Toolkit. With high-speed shooting, image stabilisation, and low-light performance, farmers can capture accurate crop and livestock data in the most challenging environments.

Aerial view of livestock


Create highly accurate 3D models of your fields, and precisely target areas that require your attention with the precision of Sony cameras. Identify areas with low nutrient levels or detect the presence of weeds, allowing them to apply fertilizer or herbicides only where they are needed, saving time and reducing costs. Create 3D models of their livestock, and monitor animal health and behaviour. Your bespoke Camera Remote Toolkit application can then be used to analyse this data and provide insight into feeding patterns, stress levels, and potential health issues.

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Commercial Drones

Capture detailed aerial photographs of agricultural fields and livestock by attaching a Sony camera to a drone. With the help of Camera Remote Toolkit, you can create 3D models and monitor crop growth, detect nutrient deficiencies and pest infestations, and optimise irrigation and fertilisation. Drones can also monitor livestock, assess diseases, and identify potential issues in management practices.

Livestock from an aerial point of view

Data Protection

Farm and animal health data is highly valuable to agriculture businesses and their competitors. It is therefore essential to protect this data by using Sony’s advanced photography equipment with built-in encryption for added safety. Install extra privacy through your own Camera Remote Toolkit applications and provide limited access to your Sony cameras and assets.

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