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Enhance your cultural heritage operations with Sony cameras and Camera Remote Toolkit.

Cultural Heritage Industry Trends
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Increased accessibility
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Heightened cultural awareness
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3D and AR
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Digital preservation

A complete digital imaging solution for Cultural Heritage

Enhance your cultural heritage preservation with Sony’s cutting-edge digital imaging solutions, including capturing ultra high-resolution images, creating precise 3D models, automating digitisation, and utilising extended reality and AR for remote inspection, while protecting valuable data with built-in encryption.

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Ultra high-resolution images

Sony’s advanced sensor technology means that whichever Mirrorless camera you choose, you will capture detailed and engaging images for your visitors.

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Large selection of cameras and lenses

Cultural artifacts and historic sites come in all sizes. With Sony’s mirrorless cameras and precision lenses, there’s a combination to fit every setting.

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End-to-end digitisation workflow

You can create an all-Sony workflow from image capture to archive. Take care of valuable digital assets while making it easier to find and retrieve them.

Empowering developers and creators

Our brochure explores the possibilities of Hi-Res imaging, real-time streaming, remote control, AI-powered features, and enhanced connectivity with our Camera Remote Toolkit.

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Digital copies for analysis

Sony’s mirrorless cameras have advanced, high resolution sensors (including the Alpha 1, with a 50.1MP full frame sensor). With a wide range of lenses, from telephoto to Macro, it’s now possible to make digital copies of precious artworks that exceed the resolution of the human eye.

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Automation from image capture to viewing

Complete large-scale digitisation projects on-time with Sony cameras, the Camera Remote Toolkit and Sony media management solutions. Build custom applications to allow search, distribution via the web or to archive for later use. Transform your visions into digital reality with Sony.

360º views

Cultural artifacts need to be viewed from all angles. To achieve this for remote viewing, you can easily make 360º views. Move a single camera in a ring around the object, and use specialist software to process the images to create a viewable 3D asset. You can develop applications with the Sony Camera Remote Toolkit to automate the process.

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Extended reality (XR)

XR extends a scene or location using LED screens to create an expanded “virtual” space and is ideal for building an educational exhibit around an artifact or object. Use Sony Mirrorless cameras to show enlarged versions of exhibits or to show them on-screen in their original historical context.

AR and the metaverse

With 3D models created through photogrammetry, the Cultural Heritage sector can now use Augmented Reality as a stepping stone towards the metaverse. Sony cameras can capture lifelike details of exhibits and historical sites and transform them into virtual reality, allowing the customer to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their home.

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Explore digital imaging solutions for the cultural heritage industry

3D Image Scanning

Create detailed 3D images of cultural heritage artifacts, such as sculptures, buildings, and archaeological sites. Enhance the analysis with your Camera Remote Toolkit application to ensure your artifacts remain damage-free. Camera Remote Toolkit can also be used to enhance the analysis of the 3D data, providing valuable insights into the history, architecture, and composition of the artifacts.

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Capture high-quality images with advanced autofocus and powerful image stabilisation features – all essential elements of a successful photogrammetry operation. Pair your Sony camera with advanced lenses to capture the smallest-possible details, ideal for use in the field. Replicate the artifact as a highly accurate and precise 3D model and create an Camera Remote Toolkit application to remotely monitor each operation.

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Commercial Drones

Produce precise images of historical buildings, landscapes, archaeological sites and more by attaching your Sony camera to your chosen drone. Overlap still imagery captured by your drone to document sites over time and identify patterns in the landscape that might not be visible through a one-time survey. Offload all images remotely while your drone is still in the air with Camera Remote Toolkit.

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Data Protection

Protect your produced images through encryption already integrated within Sony cameras to keep your data safe. Sony’s in-camera function detects image manipulation once signing mode is activated and ensures all your research photography is safe, secure, and accurate.

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