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Improve your eCommerce business with Sony cameras and Camera Remote Toolkit.

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A complete digital imaging solution for eCommerce

Sony’s mirrorless cameras with cutting-edge high-resolution sensors come in all sizes to suit all business needs.

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Amazing product photos

Sony’s advanced sensor technology means that whichever Mirrorless camera you choose, you will capture the most detailed, most engaging images for your eCommerce pages.

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A camera for every product

From the diminutive Alpha 7C full frame camera to the mighty Alpha 1 with a 50.1PM resolution, there’s an ideal camera for your application.

You can also pick from a huge ranger of precision lenses.

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Fast turnaround

With so many new products, it’s essential to get rapid but consistent results. Sony’s mirrorless cameras combined with the Camera Remote Toolkit will allow you to develop custom automation solutions.

Empowering developers and creators

Our brochure explores the possibilities of Hi-Res imaging, real-time streaming, remote control, AI-powered features, and enhanced connectivity with our Camera Remote Toolkit.

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Still product photography

Product photographs are often the first – and last – chance to persuade customers to buy an online product. It is essential to make the most of the opportunity by creating attractive, engaging and accurate pictures. Sony’s wide range of high resolution cameras and lenses mean that you’ll always have the ideal set-up for professional and consistent product photography.

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Product videos

Make the most of your online customer contact time with not just images but videos too. Ideal for fashion and lifestyle products, you can either make short product demonstrations, or simply reveal the dynamic beauty of your top-selling lines. Sony mirrorless still cameras also shoot high quality video including 4K and even 8K on some models.

360º Views

Some products need to be seen from all angles. You can make 360º views in multiple ways: with a single moving camera, with your product on a turntable, or with a ring of cameras for the fastest turnaround. You can develop applications with the Sony Camera Remote Toolkit to automate the process.

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A step beyond 360º product images, photogrammetry allows you to make 3D models of products using 2D images as a source. Customers can then explore these models and their virtual surroundings using suitable browser plug-ins. Sony cameras can be automated for photogrammetry applications using the Camera Remote Toolkit and third-party applications.

AR and the metaverse

With 3D models created through photogrammetry, eCommerce is moving towards Augmented Reality and the metaverse. Ideal for allowing customers to “see” their prospective purchases in their own surroundings, AR for eCommerce can give you an attention-grabbing advantage. Sony cameras can be automated to create AR assets, and provide the best possible source images.

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3D Image Scanning

Creating high-quality 3D products is a secret eCommerce tool that allows customers to try and see the product before the purchase. Accurately reflect appearance and size with Sony’s advanced cameras and configure your Camera Remote Toolkit application for remote control.

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Long sleeve shirt from front, back and side.


Create a series of detailed overlapping images of your product using a Sony camera and generate a 3D model in a cost-effective way. Allow your customers to interact with the product digitally, reduce the chances of returns and improve customer satisfaction.

Commercial Drones

Attach a Sony camera to a drone and produce stunning visuals of your products from above. The Camera Remote Toolkit integration allows you to offload and edit images remotely while the drone is still in the air. This speeds up production process and allows you to control the quality of your photoshoot without needing to bring the drone to the ground.

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Data Protection

Protect your digital photos from fraud using Sony’s in-camera forgery-proof photo technology, which activates the signing mode and instantly cryptographically signs any captured images, eliminating unauthorised editing and misconduct. Available on the Alpha 7 IV camera, which is compatible with more than 60 Sony original e-mount lenses, the system process flow cancels the image signature if it detects any manipulation and is examined by the customer’s own certificate.

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