Alister Chapman

Alister Chapman specialises in filming spectacular natural phenomena such as severe storms and the Northern Lights. Thirty years’ experience in shooting, directing and producing adventure sports content, documentaries and short films makes him an inspirational trainer with a hugely popular website crammed with invaluable info.

Day in the Life of Alister Chapman

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It’s an amazing time to be a filmmaker, we are the pioneers in the age of truly beautiful digital imagery. When I started out, I never dreamt that we would ever be able to create the incredibly high quality images that we can today.

Alister’s LUT collection

LUT’s inspired by recent blockbuster movies. Tailored for use with FX3 and FX6 but will also produce great results with other Cinema Line cameras such as FX9 and VENICE.
Mysterious person in woodland showing effect of new superhero LUT

1000 degrees: A short film

Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland shot with FX6, FX3 and Xperia PRO.

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Alister's Kit Bag

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