Integrating Sony's SDK into iEye's Photobooths

March 23, 2023

The integration of the Sony Alpha 7 Compact full frame mirrorless camera and the Sony Camera Remote SDK offers crystal clear image capturing and remote control capabilities.

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The Challenge

  • iEye produce 500 images in 60 seconds. Pixel sharpness and exact angles in three dimensions are essential for the image to be accepted by the system and provide accurate photobooth results.
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The Solution

  • Integrate Sony’s Alpha 7C camera with SDK to remotely control the conditions, i.e. location of the photobooth, lighting, and other factors that could threaten the quality of the produced scan.
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The Outcome

  • Sony’s Alpha 7C offers supreme 24MP resolution. In combination with SDK, iEye is now able to remotely control the camera and use it in an industrial setting.
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We will continue to use Sony cameras and SDK as we grow, as both the technology and the support they have provided us with have played a huge part in our success so far.

iEye Team

Integrating the Sony Alpha 7 Compact Camera and Sony Camera Remote SDK

iEye uses the Sony Alpha 7 Compact full frame mirrorless camera with a 50 mm prime lens in the photobooths. The camera is the world’s smallest full-frame model, which makes it easy to integrate. The setup provides a crystal-clear image of the customer’s head and face. The camera is then connected to their host PC via the Sony Camera Remote SDK, which has been integrated into their software. This allows them to control the camera and capture the image remotely at exactly the right moment. Using the SDK, the image is then transferred to the host PC for processing.

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Sony’s technical specialists were able to help iEye’s R&D team to integrate the camera hardware using a specialized battery adapter into their host PC, so there was no need for an additional AC power supply for the camera. In addition, the Sony technical team was able to work across multiple countries with iEye’s software engineers in order to embed the camera functions via the SDK into their own software. Sony supported iEye extensively in fine-tuning their system as we began to roll out across multiple sites in Sweden.

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