An efficient ultrasound workflow

Clear, accurate ultrasound images support consultation and medical training

Transforming documentation workflows for ultrasound

Find out how Sony innovation enables more flexible, efficient documentation workflows for today’s ultrasound modalities.

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Fast, efficient, flexible ultrasound workflow

Our efficient ultrasound workflow gives healthcare staff more time to focus on enhancing patient care and medical training. Flexible printing and recording options include our space-saving wireless printing solution.

Remote wireless ultrasound printing solution

Our space-saving wireless printing solution addresses the need for more flexible placement of connected Sony medical ultrasound printers. Cable-free connection between a modality and off-cart printer allows for greater mobility.

Image of UPA-WU10 wireless print system

High-quality prints delivered quicker

Our ultrasound printers help save time for busy clinical teams, with the compact UP-D898MD producing A6-size B&W prints in as little as two seconds. Color models like the user-friendly UP-D25MD use advanced dye-sublimation technology for high picture quality and lasting color prints. Offering exceptional resistance to moisture and fading, it is an ideal way to keep a long-term record of patient consultations.

Rear image of ultrasound printers showing various input options

Easy integration with current ultrasound workflows

Our ultrasound imaging solutions are the de facto industry standard in ultrasound documentation designed to fit into any ultrasound modality. Integration-friendly features include DC/AC powering, multiple signal inputs, and a dual cutter in selected models for more flexible printer placement.

Compact Sony ultrasound printer stacked on top of a ultrasound recorder on a cart