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Discover how our imaging solutions enhance the quality of medical teaching and training

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We enable surgeons to broadcast multiple views of intricate surgical procedures into lecture halls and training facilities, giving students a real-time learning experience. We can also help surgical staff share footage with each other no matter their location.

Nicholson Center enhances medical training and education with Sony technology

One of the leading robotic training centers in the U.S., this Florida-based institute recently installed our LMD-X550MT and HVO-3300MT to enhance their 4K and 3D visualization and robotics capabilities, and provide more immersive and educational programs.

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Supporting teaching hospitals

Discover how we are empowering surgeons and training staff at some of the world’s most advanced and prestigious teaching hospitals.

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Enhancing training and education opportunities

NUCLeUS transforms the way students and staff can connect and learn from valuable medical content. Clinical teams can stream multiple videos to lecture theaters or conference delegates, together with two-way audio and annotation functions to enrich real-time discussion.

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