Smart communication for critical care units

Enhance your ICU with our smart communication and imaging solution

Efficient audio-visual communication

Simplify and enhance communication in and beyond your ICU. Quickly connect your bedside nursing team with ICU clinicians or remote specialists to request collaboration and support. Save time, reduce workload, and quickly check on the patient state, thanks to easy video calling and efficient team collaboration.

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Remote patient monitoring

Nurses and clinicians can access live video feeds at any time, streamed from their patients’ bedsides. These streams can include patient state and images from additional monitoring devices, for comprehensive patient monitoring. Multiple video feeds can transmit simultaneously, and switch or be enlarged with the click of a mouse. Plus, with less frequent contact with patients at bedsides, infection risks are reduced, while interventions can be quickly directed from a remote monitoring station.

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Scale your patient care

With NUCLeUS Tiles display, ICU teams can see numerous video streams on a single screen, allowing them to watch over multiple patients at the same time. Expanding your critical care is simple too: NUCLeUS extends across your IP network, so you can easily connect additional rooms for video communication and remote monitoring. Once your NUCLeUS servers are installed, it’s simple to add additional computers/PCs and imaging devices, so our solution can grow with your expanding requirements.

Use clinical resources efficiently

Empower your ICU to work more efficiently. With a clear view of every patient, an ICU clinician can easily identify when someone needs immediate attention and direct the right staff to intervene. Staff can handle their workload more efficiently and facilities can monitor more patients during critical times. And with fewer trips to patient bedsides, PPE consumption could be potentially reduced.

Easy to use

We designed NUCLeUS to be user-friendly. Staff members can use it with basic training and guidance. That means your staff can focus on patient care rather than learning to use a complex system. Making and receiving video calls is easy, and so is sharing multiple video feeds across a single, interconnected system.

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