Inspiring filmmakers

Behind the scenes at Japan’s largest rock music festival.

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FS7 II shoots 4K HDR inside world's largest cave

Behind the scenes with a challenging documentary.

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Live from Antarctica with NX5R

One of Japan’s largest broadcasters delivers an ambitious promotional campaign and live stream.

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Swiss Tourism promo shot with FS7 II

Ambitious concept shot on FS7 II with ILCE-6500 and FDR-X3000 ActionCam.

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"Cromo" eco-thriller shot in 4K with FS7 

Go behind the scenes of hit TV series production.

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MCX-500 and NX5R at London Fashion Week

Making it easy for a single operator to produce a broadcast-quality live event.

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Australia's Cruise Mode

David Mirabella chooses FS5 for vintage Jaguar segment.

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Paradise captured

Stéphane Couchoud shoots with FS5.

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Run and Gun: NX100 on Test in the Mojave Desert

Despite rain, sleet, snow, dust, and relentless daily use, it never failed.

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Going live from the African bush

WildEarth streams live from Kenya and South Africa.

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Shooting great content for YouTube

Film-maker Den Lennie’s tips for cinematic results without a big crew.

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Filming tips for better wedding videos

Shooting techniques by Philip White.

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Top tips for shooting music videos

Laurence Warder’s expert advice for young film-makers.

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PXW-FS7 Training Videos 

Practical, hands-on tips for Sony’s PXW-FS7 4K camcorder.

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FS5 shooting tips

Part one of Alister Chapman’s expert camcorder advice.

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FS5 RAW shooting tips

Alister Chapman explains why RAW is a big deal for Sony’s PXW-FS5.

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