Multi-Touch Overlay Kit (MultiTouch Overlay Kit)

Multi-touch overlay kit for 55", 65", 75" and 85" (diag.) BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays


Effortless screen interaction at your fingertips
Available to match screen sizes from 55 in up to 85 in (diag.), these slim and light, easy-to-fit overlay kits transform BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays into a multi-touch-enabled interactive screen.
Interact with BRAVIA using your finger, pen or other opaque object. Precision IR technology ensures a smooth, accurate and highly responsive user experience with up to ten touch points (depending on application support).
The overlay's clean, simple design features a slim bezel that blends discreetly into any environment, while fingerprint-resistant glass minimizes unsightly smears and marks.
Our touch-enabled BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays* are ideal for a wide range of interactive signage and information kiosk applications — from schools, universities, museums, libraries, boardrooms and offices to hotel lobbies, hospitality zones, retail stores, and visitor attractions.
Multi-touch overlay kit is supplied by Assist Co. Ltd.
STP-55IR100 overlay kit compatible with 55-in (diag.) BRAVIA Professional Displays
STP-65IR100 overlay kit compatible with 65-in (diag.) BRAVIA Professional Displays
STP-75IR100 overlay kit compatible with 75-in (diag.) BRAVIA Professional Displays
STP-85IR100 overlay kit compatible with 85-in (diag.) BRAVIA Professional Displays
*Professional Display available separately


Engage audiences with a touch
Responsive, high-quality touchscreen overlays transform your Professional Display (available separately) into a super-size touch-enabled interactive terminal.
Responsive, accurate multi-touch performance
Audience engagement is right at your fingertips. Customers and visitors can't keep their hands off these big, beautiful screens: up to 10 multi-touch points (depends on application) ensure accurate, responsive performance across the entire display area.
Range of screen size options
There's a choice of multi-touch overlays, offering guaranteed compatibility with current Professional Display models in screen sizes from 55 in up to 85 in (diag.).
Easy installation and set up
Deploy your multi-touch display solution in minutes. Overlay kit is powered directly by USB connection.


Touch type
IR (Infrared Rays) Spread
Input Method
Finger, Pen and Opaque objects
Available object size for touch
Single touch 0.24 in, Multi touch 0.31 in
Response Time
< 15ms>
Frame Rate
125 Hz
Touch Accuracy
±0.08 in (over 90% Area)
USB 2.0
Protection Glass Thickness
STP-55IR100 — 0.11 in
STP-65IR100 — 0.11 in
STP-75IR100 — 0.13 in
STP-85IR100 — 0.16 in
Protection Glass Transmission
< 85%>
Operating System Support
Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Mac OS X (10.6 or later)/Android (Kernel 4.0 or later)/Linux (Kernel 3.5 or later)/Chrome
Multi-touch point
Max 10 Point
Touch Resolution
32767 × 32767
Average Current
< 300mA>
Working Voltage
DC 5 V ± 5%
Physical Specification
Bezel Width
STP-55IR100 — 0.75 in
STP-65IR100 — 0.75 in
STP-75IR100 — 0.81 in
STP-85IR100 — 0.99 in
Overlay Dimension (W x H x D)
STP-55IR100 — 49.32 x 28.48 x 1.22 in
STP-65IR100 — 57.93 x 33.33 in x 1.22 in
STP-75IR100 — 66.78 x 38.36 x 1.34 in
STP-85IR100 — 75.87 x 43.63 x 1.12 in
Weight (Head)
STP-55IR100 — 20.06 lbs
STP-65IR100 — 25.57 lbs
STP-75IR100 — 35.71 lbs
STP-85IR100 — 54.23 lbs
Carton Dimensions (W x H x D)
STP-55IR100 — 53.78 x 32.09 x 5.51 in
STP-65IR100 — 62.40 x 37.01 x 5.51 in
STP-75IR100 — 71.18 x 41.97 x 5.51 in
STP-85IR100 — 80.31 x 47.24 x 5.51 in
Packed Weight
STP-55IR100 — 32.85 lbs
STP-65IR100 — 41.45 lbs
STP-75IR100 — 54.01 lbs
STP-85IR100 — 75.62 lbs
Special Features
Language (Manual)
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese
Environmental Conditions
Operation Temperature
32 °F ~ 104 °F
Operation Humidity
20% ~ 80%
Install Accessories/User Manual