Interactive meeting and display management solution for 4K Professional Displays
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Make every meeting more productive with BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays

Streamline meetings with this highly-scalable all-in-one information-sharing and display-management solution that's ideal for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Add a professional accent to boardrooms, meeting rooms and huddle spaces by displaying a corporate logo, welcome message or web page on BRAVIA, together with the name of the room, booking schedule and other information. Further valuable features include automatic input switching, auto-off to save power and a count-down presentation timer.

Work smarter with a range of companion apps that enhance real-time communication between meeting room participants. Wirelessly share screenshots, pointer movements and hand-drawn annotations between BRAVIA 4K Professional Display and participants' own devices (PCs and tablets) using the BRAVIA Meeting client app.

Manage all your BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays remotely from a networked computer.


Share centralized meeting schedules

Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 and Google Calendar displays meeting schedules and room reservation details.

Screen customization

Give meeting participants a more professional welcome. Display images, corporate logos or web content on your BRAVIA 4K Professional Display, plus the name of the room, date/time and content pulled from other services.

Presentation timer

An on-screen countdown reminds each presenter how long they've got left to get their message across to the meeting.

Auto input management

Your BRAVIA 4K Professional Display automatically switches to the correct input when a new source is connected by HDMI.

My Shot

This companion app simplifies information-sharing in meetings, letting participants instantly retrieve what's shown on the display to their own PC screen.

Me Shot

This companion app lets meeting participants instantly share their own PC screen wirelessly on BRAVIA. Secure access is managed by on on-screen passcode, so no-one outside the meeting room can send their screen content to the display.

My Touch

This companion app allows participants to write and draw on the BRAVIA 4K Professional Display using their own PC mouse pointer. Multiple participants can draw on the display simultaneously, allowing effective collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Me Touch

This companion app allows the presenter to hand-write and sketch directly onto a BRAVIA 4K Professional Display while also displaying on each participant's PC screen. Me Touch enables fingertip gestures on BRAVIA and control PC functions, such as "move to next slide" (requires optional touch-enabled overlay for professional display).

Power scheduling

Save power and reduce energy bills by scheduling your BRAVIA 4K Professional Display to switch off automatically outside working hours.

Remote display settings

Remotely adjust settings for all your BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays from a networked PC.

Remote power monitoring

Remotely confirm power-on status of all your BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays from a networked PC.

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