Digital Signage application for BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays


Easily manage digital signage for networked BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays
This application makes it quick, simple and cost-effective to schedule, present and manage high-quality digital signage using BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays—with no additional media players or set-top boxes needed.

It's ideal for presenting attractive, informative visual content in retail spaces and hotel reception areas, visitor attractions, educational and corporate environments.

Deliver video and still images to networked Professional Displays. Features include management of displays, power schedule management, content playlists, scheduled delivery management and content interrupt.


No set-top box needed
Use your BRAVIA 4K Professional Display as a fully featured digital signage solution, with no need for costly set-top boxes, media players or additional hardware.
Standalone or multi-screen signage
Use a single professional display for standalone signage, or instantly distribute and manage networked content across up to 600 screens, on premises or at other locations.
Play photo, video and HTML5 content
Effortlessly display photos, video clips and HTML5 media content. Choose optional animation effects for professional-looking transitions between scheduled content.
Power Schedule Management
Create and manage schedules for switching displays on and off by specifying the date, day of the week and time.
Playlist management
Create and manage playlists containing video, still images and HTML content. Playlists can be previewed on a test display before networked playout.
Schedule delivery management
Create and manage delivery schedules, specifying playout by date, day of the week and time.
Event log
Monitor event logs, display state transitions and content playback results.
Interrupt deliver
Interrupt scheduled playback to deliver content at irregular times, such as during emergencies.