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Supermarket trends

Value-driven consumers

Money’s tighter than ever for supermarket shoppers who demand true value from every store visit.

Securing a competitive edge

Premium players and value-focused brands alike are under pressure to exceed customer expectations.

Embracing digitalization

Digital experiences can enhance sales – from in-store promotions and demonstrations to seamless self-checkout.

Supporting sustainability

Eco-aware shoppers expect brands to demonstrate sustainable thinking in their products and operations.

Retail displays for supermarkets

Our bright, easy to manage display and signage solutions turn supermarket trips into more colorful, interactive experiences with eye-catching promotions and offers – while supporting customers with smooth self-checkout and helpful information.

hanging display in supermarket with fruit promotion

Drive sales higher

Grab shoppers’ attention and generate excitement around new brands, products and promotions to stimulate on-the-spot sales.

free parking image is showcased in professional display on a glass door - aria hidden

Keep shoppers informed

Ensure customers are in the loop about special events, scheduled store closures, parking notices and other relevant information.

Optimize store performance

Maximize returns with appealing, easy-to-use self-checkout systems to help customers buy quickly and confidently with less fuss.

Inform, engage and impress supermarket shoppers

Equally suitable for showcasing new products and special promotions or presenting essential store information, our slim, easy to manage BRAVIA 4K pro displays are available in a wide choice of panel sizes up to 100”. Video, images and text are displayed with impressive brightness, clarity and contrast that always stand out in busy supermarkets. An extra-wide viewing angle ensures that screens can be seen clearly by every shopper.

the promotion of an ice cream is shown on a display mounted on a column in a supermarket.
Woman scanning a product with self-checkout screen.

Streamlined self-checkout solutions

Slim, bright and easy to install, our versatile BRAVIA pro displays are ideal integration partners for third-party touchscreen overlays and kiosk solutions, simplifying the creation of interactive self-checkout systems for supermarket shoppers. Centralized display management streamlines quick, flexible set-up for every screen in the largest stores.

Driving down ownership costs

You can’t afford downtime in a bustling supermarket. Our energy-efficient BRAVIA pro displays are designed for reliable round-the-clock operation, with low running costs and smart features for simpler screen management, such as programmable screen on/off times that cut energy consumption outside store opening hours.

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From attracting and informing customers to providing richer, more personalized self-checkout experiences, our BRAVIA pro displays and line array speaker offer comprehensive audiovisual solutions for supermarket owners.


Our brightest BRAVIA BZ40H 4K pro display lets supermarket owners tell shoppers about new products, seasonal offers and promotional events. Team high-impact visuals with rich audio from our SLS-1A Line Array Speaker that’s easily heard in busy shopping centers.

shopping cart area in a supermarket with a display on the wall showing a super sale
two customers in a supermarket with professional display with “special prices” message

Informing shoppers

The crisp 4K image quality, high brightness and extra-wide viewing angle of our BRAVIA professional displays ensure that important information is seen clearly by every shopper in busy supermarkets. Our versatile BRAVIA BZ30J and BZ35J series cover a wide range of screen size requirements from 32” up to 75”. Or go right up to 85” with BRAVIA BZ40H that always commands shoppers’ attention. Our SLS-1A Line Array Speaker supplements colorful visuals with rich, clear audio.

Placing orders

Available in a wide range of sizes, our BZ30J and BZ35J BRAVIA professional displays are ideal for integration with interactive kiosks and self-order systems. High screen brightness and rich, vibrant colors ensure that products look their very best, while reliable operation ensures a smooth, satisfying ordering and collection experience for store visitors.

woman touching checkout display

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