Informing shoppers

Keep customers in the picture with clear, easy-to-read information, news, guidance and alerts to enhance their in-store experience.

Sony solutions offer

Clear, bright images

High brightness screens are ideal for presenting information that’s clearly seen and understood by shoppers.

Smooth integration

Seamless integration with third party software for simplified creation of complete in-store information solutions.

Easy, flexible installation

Slim, space-saving professional displays are quick and easy to install.

For every retail space

Choose from a wide range of display sizes to suit any size of retail space, including large department stores and shopping centers.

Solutions to inform shoppers in every retail environment

Inform shoppers in department stores, supermarkets, and large shopping centers with our reliable, integration-friendly professional displays. Offering extra bright, colorful images with a wide viewing angle, they’re ideal for presenting timely information to customers – from opening times and parking information to news, events and health and safety information. Available in a wide range of screen sizes and integrating smoothly with in-store information systems, our display solutions are the ideal choice for keeping shoppers informed and engaged in any retail space.

Exceptional 4K picture quality

High brightness, exceptional image clarity and a wide viewing angle ensure big, bold images that stand out in retail environments, giving shoppers a clear, eye-catching view of customer messages and information, even in brightly lit supermarkets, department stores and shopping precincts. BRAVIA pro displays feature powerful processing technologies by Sony to ensure flawless HDR pictures with very high contrast, rich color and smooth movement that look great at any viewing distance – far away or right up close to the screen.


Shopping mall environment with a vertical display with weather information and a horizontal display with parking information

Fast, simple set-up

Pro Mode saves precious installation time, allowing BRAVIA pro display settings to be customized and copied quickly across multiple screens during set-up. It’s easy to adjust and save power scheduling, PIN lock, startup application and other display settings for seamless operation in any retail environment.

Sony's “Pro settings” screen shows a menu with options for exporting settings, start-up services, USB drive auto run, HTML5 platform, Admin password, AC power one, PC input optimization and wake-up on signal.

Sized to suit every retail space

Our BRAVIA pro displays are available in comprehensive choice of panel sizes from 32” right up to 100”, with the added flexibility of horizontal or vertical mounting to suit any retail environment. Their thin and elegant design allows for BRAVIA pro displays to be placed in any part of a retail environment where shoppers can easily walk around them.

Store with wall mounted display showing the weather

Reliable and energy efficient

BRAVIA pro displays can help retailers support business sustainability goals with smart features like programmable screen on/off times that cut energy consumption outside store hours. Lifetime operating costs are reduced further with reliable 24/7 operation for reduced maintenance requirements.

Display on shopping mall with information for “match of the week” and a clock overlaid on top

Explore display solutions for informing shoppers


The biggest, brightest, most advanced BRAVIA in 100” screen size, for messages that shoppers can’t miss in larger retail spaces.

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Sony’s 100” BRAVIA BZ40J display with team information for a soccer match displayed


Exceptional brightness and image clarity to inform customers even in brightly-lit stores; in screen sizes up to 85”.

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Sony's BRAVIA BZ40H display with bright high contrast image of rock concert announcement


Bright, high impact images in convenient 43” and 50” screen sizes, with wide viewing angle that’s easily seen even in crowded environments.

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Sony’s BRAVIA BZ35J with high brightness image of jewelry store opening announcement


Bright, high impact images in screen sizes up to 75”, with wide viewing angle that’s easily seen even in crowded environments.

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Sony’s BRAVIA BZ30J with social distancing image

Sustainability in every scene

BRAVIA professional displays are designed with intelligence to be kinder on the environment.

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