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Shopping center trends

Intense competition

Shopping center owners must innovate to satisfy shoppers’ high expectations to adapt to a new landscape.

Rapidly changing spatial demands

Shopping center owners need to offer flexible units that adapt to rapidly shifting customer demands.

Embracing digitalization

New technologies allow sites to run more efficiently and create “phygital” experiences to delight visitors.

Supporting sustainability

Shopping center owners must support retailers’ efforts to become more sustainable at point of sale.

Retail displays for shopping centers

Our display solutions for shopping centers transform every customer visit into an immersive, interactive multi-sensory experience.

Inform shoppers

Keep shoppers informed with relevant, up-to-date news and general information on special events, closures, parking, health & safety and other information to enhance their visit.

Book store with book signing dates announcement on professional display mounted on the wall

Create that wow effect

Grab visitors’ attention with immersive visual and audiovisual experiences that transform shopping centers into all-day leisure destinations.

World’s best burger ad on LED wall in shopping mall

Help customers find their way

Ensure a smooth, satisfying journey to stores and other amenities for shopping center visitors with clear floor maps.

a woman with a baby touches screen to find her way around a shopping mall

Attract shoppers with immersive visual experiences

Our display solutions reproduce video, images and text with impressive brightness, clarity and contrast that stand out in busy shopping centers, with an extra-wide viewing angle to ensure images are always seen clearly by every shopper. Create a totally immersive AV experience by adding our discreet but powerful Line Array Speaker system that complements best-in-class pictures with rich, highly controllable sound.

LED wall in the aisle of a shopping center with a picture of a woman in a red coat

Suited for every space

Slim, stylish BRAVIA 4K pro displays are available in a wide choice of panel sizes up to 100”. Take advantage of specialized surfaces for unique and bigger viewing experiences for shopping mall visitors with our reliable, easy-to-install laser projectors, or deliver awe-inspiring visuals that match the biggest imaginations with our scalable Crystal LED video walls.

LED wall with an image of an aquarium on a shopping mall

Easy integration and set-up

Our versatile BRAVIA pro displays are made for easy integration with digital signage systems. They’re also ideal integration partners for third-party touchscreen overlays, simplifying the creation of interactive content and wayfinding solutions to guide and inform shopping center visitors. Centralized display management streamlines quick, flexible set-up for every screen in the largest shopping centers.

A woman points at a screen with a floor map to find her way around a shopping mall

Rock-solid reliability built in

You can’t afford downtime in busy retail environments. Our reliable, energy-efficient BRAVIA pro displays, projectors and LED video walls are designed for round-the-clock operation in shopping centers and department stores. BRAVIA offers the convenience of programmable screen on/off times to cut energy consumption outside shop hours, drive down ownership costs and support sustainability goals. Our projectors let shoppers enjoy uncompromised high-brightness images for up to 20,000 hours*, while our Crystal LED video walls feature an energy-efficient fan-less design that eliminates the need for costly air conditioning.

*Depending on usage environment.

Display in shopping center shows mid-season sale 20% off offer

Explore retail display solutions for shopping centers

From attracting and informing shoppers to guiding their path, offer your visitors comprehensive audiovisual journeys with our solutions for shopping centers.

Attracting shoppers

Capture shoppers’ attention as they navigate through your shopping center with colorful, super-sized visuals. Extra bright VPL-GTZ380 and VPL-PHZ61 laser projectors can throw vibrant images onto curved and contoured surfaces. Easy to install – Crystal LED BH and CH-series video walls scale readily to create immersive visual experiences that can’t be missed in large retail spaces. Add an extra sensory dimension with the SLS-1A Line Array Speaker for powerful audio that surrounds visitors.


Showcase your best offers and latest products with our brightest BRAVIA BZ40H pro display or our largest BRAVIA BZ40J pro display. Deliver super-sized visuals with our scalable Crystal LED video walls. Our BH-series offers maximum brightness to ensure the best viewing experience in bright environments, while you can deliver the most true-to-life visuals with our CH-series, designed to optimize contrast. Team high-impact visuals with rich audio from our SLS-1A Line Array Speaker that’s easily heard in busy shopping centers.

Display shows 25% off promotion in shopping center


Available in a wide range of screen sizes and suitable for vertical, horizontal or angled mounting, our BRAVIA BZ30J, with screens sizes in up to 75”and BZ35J pro displays, with screen sizes between 43” and 50”, are ideal partners for interactive touchscreen solutions that guide customers safely and smoothly with clear, informative maps and wayfinding information.

Display in a shopping center with floormap

Informing shoppers

The crisp 4K image quality, high brightness and extra-wide viewing angle of our BRAVIA professional displays ensure that important information is seen clearly by every shopper in crowded shopping precincts. Ideal for information points in smaller and medium-sized shopping centers, versatile BRAVIA BZ30J and BZ35J series cover a wide range of screen size requirements from 43” up to 75”. BRAVIA BZ40H, in up to 85” screen sizes and our 100” BZ40J BRAVIA pro display makes an unmissable focal point in larger shopping centers.

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