C3 Portal


C3 Portal

Introducing C3 Portal, Sony’s next-generation camera-to-cloud gateway service designed for professional news-gathering and file-based production, enabling fast and secure content delivery from the field to any location.

Move content faster, from anywhere

Live stream breaking news to air, the web, and social media simultaneously with latency as low as 0.7 seconds. Sony’s QoS technology ensures high-quality video, even under challenging bandwidth conditions. Planning metadata ensures that the day’s stories are tagged properly when received by the station. Camcorder control and file access features allow a station or production team to remotely monitor and adjust settings of field camcorders during a shoot, then immediately preview, trim, and transfer content to begin the editing process. Edit files directly in C3 Portal’s CMS, or Adobe Premiere via C3P’s plug-in, or transfer files to Sony’s Ci Media Cloud, or any other destination of your choice.

C3 Portal workflow diagram
Sony camcorder

Easy connection with Sony camcorders

Connect to C3 Portal using your Sony camcorder’s built-in Wi-Fi®/RJ45 connection, without the need to carry a backpack or other expensive transmission hardware. In addition, Sony’s new C3 Portal App for iOS and Android simplifies setup and connection to C3 Portal and allows the user to access features of the service right from a cell phone.

Scales to your needs

C3 Portal scales with your operation. Only one tenant license is required, no matter how large your organization, and there is no limit to the number of users that may be added to your tenant. Once your C3 Portal tenant is ready, simply add device licenses based on the number of camcorders you may have connected to C3 Portal at the same time. Register your entire fleet of Sony camcorders but only pay for estimated usage. Each device license enables the use of all streaming, remote control, file access, CMS, and metadata features of C3 Portal.

Woman sitting at desk looking at pad with monitor in front of her

C3 Portal Device Licenses

Discover the features included with our flexible Device Licenses. Including unlimited users, 1 TB of storage and 100 GB of data output per month*

*Additional data available at a nominal fee


  • Live stream to multiple end points simultaneously
  • Streaming latency as low as 0.7 seconds
  • Sony’s QoS (quality of service) technology helps maintain video and audio integrity during transmission for high-quality streaming without the need for manual adjustments.
metadata icon

Planning Metadata

  • Push NRCS planning data directly to the field camera
  • Captured footage is subsequently tagged in the camera with relevant metadata for easy search and find upon ingest
file access icon

File Access

  • Remotely browse, trim, and transfer files from field camcorders
  • Files may be transferred to C3 portal or any FTP location of your choice.
cms icon

CMS with Adobe Premier Plug-in

  • Edit files directly in C3 Portal’s CMS, or access and edit directly within Adobe Premiere, using C3P’s plugin
  • Preview, Share, Log, Edit, Conform, Publish
camcorder icon

Camcorder Control

  • Remotely start and stop recording, adjust iris, focus, zoom, and white balance of camcorders connected to C3 Portal
backup and restore icon

Backup and Restore

  • Save copies of camcorder profiles in the cloud
  • Quickly restore a camcorder in the field in the event of data loss
real-time camcorder icon

Real-time Camcorder Geolocation

  • C3 Portal allows you to monitor the GPS location of any connected camcorder in the field
  • Camcorder location data is also embedded in the metadata of a file

C3 Portal is optimized for use with:

handycam camcorder


  • PXW-Z280
  • PXW-Z190*
shoulder mount camcorder

Shoulder Mount Camcorders

  • PXW-Z750
  • PXW-Z450
  • PXW-X400
full frame camcorder

Full Frame Camcorders

  • PXW-FX9
  • PXW-FX6

*CBKZ-SLNW1 network license required

**All features of XDCAM air are available under C3 Portal

***C3 Portal supported functions vary depending on the camcorder

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