Spatial Reality Display

Where imagination becomes reality

Realistic spatial images for any professional setting

Enhance design and visualization applications with our latest Spatial Reality Display. Innovative display technologies provide incredibly realistic 3D images without the use of glasses or VR headsets, to enrich your workflow and integrate easily into your environment.

Image of a designer at a desk with SR2 and a desktop showing the same image of car design

Authentic 3D viewing unique to the Spatial Reality Display

Image of SR2 on a desk showing a designer working on a 3D model of a cityscape

Natural 3D viewing without special glasses or headsets

Collaborate on 3D designs without special glasses or headsets. The Spatial Reality Display offers an intuitive, stress-free window into 3D spatial reality, for natural content creation and viewing.

Image of a shopper looking at a screen with jewelry displayed

Authentic 3D images from a bird's-eye view

You can enjoy an overhead view of 3D content that interacts with you as you move. High-definition 3D images give the feeling that the objects are right in front of you.

Image of SR2 in a medical environment with a medic looking at the screen

Realistic 3D images in any scene

Spatial Reality Display technology works even if you are wearing a mask. The Spatial Reality Display is suitable to use in any environment, meaning you can enjoy highly realistic 3D images.

Realistic 3D images with innovative Spatial Reality Display technology

Image of the screen and user with arrows showing the different angles of view available

High-speed vision sensor

Sony’s proprietary high-speed sensor follows eye movement down to the millisecond, sensing pupil position through space on all three axes: vertical, horizontal, and even depth.

Image of a 3D model of a dinosaur demonstrating different views of the SR2

Real-time rendering algorithm

The Spatial Reality Display leverages an original algorithm for processing real-time content for each eye without lag. This allows the 3D world to appear as smooth as in real life, even if you move around.

Close up image of an SR screen with a cut image showing zoom power

Micro-optical lens

The micro-optical lens is positioned precisely over the stunning LCD display. The lens divides the image between the left and right eyes, giving you stereoscopic viewing with just the naked eye.

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Spatial Reality Display Developer Site

The developer site provides dedicated tools for content development, including the SDK, specialized plugins, and key information for Spatial Reality Display purchasers.

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Image of a desktop PC showing the screen from the Sony developer site
Image of multiple apps on a plain background demonstrating the options available with SR2

Spatial Reality Display App Select

Visit the new Spatial Reality Display Application Select website for a variety of exclusive applications and the latest application information.

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